"May the trail rise up to meet you

May your heart rejoice in song

May the skies be fair above you

As you journey ever on"

Ever On


Added April 14, 2004
Timothy B. Schmit w/Poco's " Keep On Tryin' "
Performed By Our Friend From Italy Paolo Giorgi


 "Along The Road" Instrumental 
Someone sent this to me on cassette ~ I don't know who the performer is.
There's A Place In The World For A Gambler                                    July                        2003
	  Garth Brooks Is A Dan Fan						   1990
Dan Fogelberg And Company Exhibit Musical Craftsmanship          July                         2003
Still A Leader						July		2003
Dan Fogelberg's Lengthy Career Finally Takes Him 'Full Circle'	June		2003
Fogelberg Met Wife During Open Mike Night			June		2003
Singer Comes Alive In Hometown				June		2003
Interesting Beginnings					June		2003

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Interchords Interview (Vocal) With Dan From 1982
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Side 1 Added May 05, 2003
Side 2 Added May 06, 2003
Side 3 Added May 12, 2003
Side 4 Added June 02, 2003

Dan's New CD "Full Circle" Will Be Released May 20, 2003
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2003 Set List


     CITY:                                 VENUE:

5-30               Vienna, VA                 Wolftrap
Atlantic City, NJ          Trump Plaza Hotel
  Philadelphia, PA          Keswick Theatre
    Dayton, OH                 Fraze Pavilion
    Indianapolis, IN            Murat Theatre
     Hilton Head, SC           CTR Court @ Harbortown
    Raleigh, NC                 Altell Pavilion
    Atlanta, GA                 Chastain Park Amphitheatre
   Westbury, NY             Westbury Music Fair
   Harrisburg, PA             Forum Theatre
  Buffalo, NY                  New Melody Fair
  Columbus, OH             Promo-West Pavilion
    Peoria, IL                    Civic Center Theatre
   Madison,WI                 Mayer Theatre-Madison Civic Center
   Chicago, IL                  Skyline Stage
    Biloxi, MS                   Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino
    Houston, TX                 Woodlands Pavilion
   Dallas, TX                    Majestic Theatre
   Redwood City, CA        Fox Theatre
6-27 & 28     Lake Tahoe, CA           Caesars Tahoe
    Kelseyville, CA            Konocti Hotel Resort
7-1               San Diego, CA            Humphrey's
7-2               Thousand Oaks, CA    Performing Arts Center
7-4               Denver, CO                 Paramount Theatre
7-5               Mancos, CO               Echo Basin              


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The Field Of Dreams

Congratulations Dan!
Dan Inducted Into Red Rocks Hall Of Fame
 Thanks to our German Friend Christian
And His Lovely Wife Sonja For Taking
Time Out On Their Honeymoon To Get
This Picture Of Dan In The Red Rocks
Hall Of Fame
The Following Was Sent To Me 
She's my pal and she's had fun and she wanted to write me
a rhyming thank you and ...she did. 
And here it is. 
I wanted to share cause it made me feel good...in fact it changed my life!
But anyhow here it is and darn it all - 
I'm glad somebody likes me enough to write me GREAT poetry!
My Jerry Riopelle Page
His Concert @ Tostido's Salsa Challenge
April 26, 2003
More Pictures Added
Emails From Jerry And Son Paul
In  Loving Memory Of Bruce Gilbert
January 22, 1980 ~ March 2, 2003
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Desperately Needed To Offset The Costs Of The Funeral.
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Diana Tenney
736 N. Sulley Dr.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
EVERy ONe ~ Please Help If You Can!
Thank You From Bruce's Family

And you try with all your might to slay the beast
But the more you fight the strength of hell increased
Now your safe from harm, in your brother Jesus' arms
And your duty here on earth has been released

My Brother ~ My Stepson ~ My Friend
~ Songs such as this should never have to be written ~
The following was asked by Bruce to his best friend:

"If I am to die first, will you play the following song for me at my funeral" 

I have never heard it before the funeral and had to learn tablature to learn how
to play it for that was the only version I could find:  

So I learned a couple things new:  This song and how to read tablature.

Waiting on an angel 
One to carry me home 
Hope you come see me soon 
Cause I don’t wanna go alone 
I don’t wanna go alone 
Don’t wanna go 
I don’t wanna go alone

~ From ~
"Waiting On An Angel "
By Ben Harper
Performed By Brett Martin Smith



Interview With Dan Fogelberg

A Blast From The Past
Thanks to Jan Drew For Sending This In!!

Interview With Dan - June 1998

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You Will Need  To Open It



What is writing?

Distilling your thoughts in the still of your mind and collecting their essence.

~ Quote  Provided By Freesia ~

Thanks To Steve Cheney For The Photo

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Fogelberg Concert Still Hits High Notes June 2002

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May 15, 2002

Rik Anthony Interviews Dan Fogelberg

Talks of the tour, the band
and stories of the road.

Listen Here



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Dan's First Guitar Lesson

After Dan's First Guitar Lesson

Letters Of The Month



Just found your website July 13, 2003 and the house is quiet...And it's great! A few of my friends learned guitar in the 70's to Dan's "Captured Angel" album; I was hooked. My brother-in-law proposed to my sister 22 years ago with "To the Morning" playing softly in the background. His sister danced to "Longer" at her wedding. I have seen Dan in concert many times through the years but lately have been busy having and raising our two beautiful sons, ages 3 and 5. I am greatly disappointed to learn we just missed his summer tour promoting his new CD "Full Circle." I hope he plans to tour again soon. I doubt he can fully appreciate the impact his musical poetry has on so many lives. I even lived for 4 years in Colorado because I wanted to be near him in spirit. We saw him twice there in Red Rocks outside of Denver. Undoubtably two of the most memorable nights of our lives. And since marrying almost 19 years ago, my husband has adopted my love of Dan's music. It is a regular feature in our house whenever we have music playing (which is often) and on our frequent road trips.

Of course, as many of his fans feel, meeting him would be one of life's purest, greatest joys.

Diane Powell



Hi Brett,

I'm interested in personal info about Dan Fogelberg........His lyrics are so deep and meaning full...........I love a songwriter who tells a story! I was just wondering about  him personally...where he's coming from................
Thanks for any info




Well, you can read his Biography at my web site http://everon.50megs.com/Discography.htm (I know the link reads Discography but that is because at one time it held both Biography and Discography.  You can also read many interviews with him from my Tours/Reviews/Interviews page at http://everon.50megs.com/reviews.htm and I have a double lp vocal interview from back in 1982 set up on four pages with the links on http://everon.50megs.com/interchords.htm .  Each link takes you to a new page with about 20 minutes of interviewing each.

And you can read about his thoughts on his new CD "Full Circle" and each of the songs on that CD as well as other items of interest at his official web site on this page http://danfogelberg.com/news.html 
I hope that helps.  Also, if you buy the CD "Portrait" which has the Biography I have posted, he also says a few words on each of the songs on that CD.  Also, you can visit a page at my web site that showcases and gives a few words about some of the instruments he's played over the years.  http://everon.50megs.com/Dans_Guitars.htm 

And you can come out to the Forum and discuss with other Dan Fans things of this nature at http://www.network54.com/Hide/Forum/91566

...and where's he coming from?  From his heart to ours!   Just listen to the music from beginning to end.



   Dear Dan:


        I wrote to you so many moons ago and saw you in concert back east during your "Innocent Age" tour.  It was October nineteenth, and I have not forgotten one moment of your appearance.  Your  lyrics are true poetry and have guided me ever since I first encountered them on "Netherlands."  It has   been a sincere wish to see you in concert again.  I do so hope that this   forthcoming tour brings you to the Pacific Northwest, as I now reside in the   mountains.  It would be an honor for me to attend, so I will continue to check   in with your website to see if perhaps you are planning any dates further north  of Colorado.  


All the very best to you, Dan!



Hi there,

What is your interpretation at the end of the song when he says "the snow had turned to rain?"

Thanks for your help.



Well, just off the top of my brain... ...let me get the lyrics... hold on.

Same Old Lang Syne

Met my old lover in the grocery store
The snow was falling Christmas eve
I stole behind her in the frozen foods
And I touched her on the sleeve

She didn't recognize the face at first
But then her eyes flew open wide
She went to hug me and she spilled her purse
And we laughed until we cried

We took her groceries to the checkout stand
The food was totaled up and bagged
We stood there lost in our embarrassment
As the conversation dragged

We went to have ourselves a drink or two
But couldn't find an open bar
We bought a six-pack at the liquor store
And we drank it in her car

We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to now
And tried to reach beyond the emptiness but neither one knew how

She said she'd married her an architect
Who kept her warm and safe and dry
She would have liked to say she loved the man
But she didn't like to lie

I said the years had been a friend to her
And that her eyes were still as blue
But in those eyes I wasn't sure if I saw doubt or gratitude

She said she saw me in the record stores
And that I must be doing well
I said the audience was heavenly but the traveling was hell

We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to now
And tried to reach beyond the emptiness but neither one knew how
We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to time
Reliving in our eloquence, another auld lang syne

The beer was empty and our tongues were tired
Running out of things to say
She gave a kiss to me as I got out
And I watched her drive away

Just for a moment I was back at school
And felt that old familiar pain
And as I turned to make my way back home
The snow turned in to rain

~~~ Dan Fogelberg ~~~

Now then, in another song "Hard To Say" he sings:

Lucky at love, well maybe so
There's still a lot of things you'll never know
Like why each time the sky begins to snow you cry
You cry, you still have to cry

And it may all stem from:

His song "The Last Nail" where he sings:

I left a trail of footprints deep in the snow
I swore one day I would retrace them
But when I turned around I found that the wind had erased them
Now I'll never replace them

This seems to come from a fairy tail where the bread crumbs were left to show the way back but they were eaten by birds denying that path home.  If you read in many of Dan's songs he is always looking toward the past, past loves, past homes such as Illinois, past existences before becoming famous. 

I have a page I created at Ever On called "Dreams" where I have taking lyrics from some of his songs that have the topic of his dreams... ...you can see he looks to the past ... ...the trail of footprints deep in the snow. http://everon.50megs.com/dreams.htm

...and some of his fears... http://everon.50megs.com/fear.htm

Hope this helps you out!


"May the trail rise up to meet you

May your heart rejoice in song

May the skies be fair above you

As you journey ever on"

By the way... ...his new CD "Full Circle" is out and it has a theme of hope running through it... ...even in the face of loss... ...he points out that there will be another chance that WILL come along.  Beautiful!


Dear Dan,
I am so looking forward to your concert this summer. My brothers and I are even planning a Colorado trip the week of June 7th-15th. We will see a concert at RED
ROCKS hopefully. I would love it to be your concert we see, but....I realize how difficult it is to plan a tour and such. Perhaps we will see you somewhere on the way there. If not I hope to see you in VA. when I return. I hope to see you, no matter where it might be!!!!!!!!

I am very much a person who believes in achieving and making dreams come true!!!!  I can say this mainly because I have met you!!! My major dream come true!!!  I have just one regret and that is that we never really got to talk, not in the depth that I had wished for. My two brothers have also been really big fans over the years and well............My brother Bill just turned 50 this year, had his first grandchild and lost his job of 20 years do to corporate cut backs. He is going through it!!!!! You and Jackson Brown are his favorite musicians of all time....... are you following me?????

It would be wonderful Dan. I happen to know from your music that you are all about making dreams come true also!!!!!   I know you get bombarded with requests. I think you would enjoy this crazy gang or I wouldn't even ask. Actually, I am not going to ask!   Can't wait to see you!

Peace to you always, Laura


I have been reading your Ever On forum for the last few weeks and elected not to apply because I was interested in what your members were saying, but felt that most of my thoughts were not necessary until I read today’s postings! Freesia had a posting I felt needed a positive response. I feel that she is a poet, possible not in the regular sense but nonetheless a poet. Her words have brought me a great deal of comfort, as have the writings of several of your members. My second reason for deciding to apply was that I have never been to a Dan Fogelberg concert and was total elated about your posting about this year’s event. I am a parent of three recently grown children and economy was a major factor in not be able to attend one of his concert until this time in my life. Thank you so much Brett for posting my letter, in your letters of the month and on the home page of Ever On. Have a great day. Genius is a birth gift. Greatness is a lot of hard work.




I am trying to find the lyrics to a song I am convinced Dan wrote...I cannot remember the title, I think it says something like it is hard to love someone when the right one comes along? I hope I am not off, if you can help me I would appreciate it...Your web site is great by the way...  :)

Gail Grommon


Could it have been:

I had a woman who gave me her soul 
But I wasn't ready to take it 
Her heart was so fragile and heavy to hold 
And I was afraid I might break it 

~~~ From Part Of The Plan


Now that we love
Now that the lonely nights are over
How do we make love stay
Now that we know
The fire can burn bright or merely smolder
How do we keep it from dying away

 ~~~ From Make Love Stay

 I have all his lyrics on the web site. His songs are in alphabetical order where you can link to each lyric at: Alphabetical Song List

 I have posted your question out at the forum under the heading "A Little Help" http://www.network54.com/Hide/Forum/91566


Here is the response I got out at the forum... ...they seem to think it was England Dan And John Ford Coley.  They say the song may be "It's Sad To Belong"

Here are those lyrics... ...let me know if this is it okay? 
England Dan & John Ford Coley
It's Sad To Belong

Met you on a springtime day
You were mindin' your life
And I was mindin' mine, too

Lady when you looked my way
I had a strange sensation
And, darlin' that's when I knew...

That it's sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along,
Yes, it's sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along.

Oh, I wake up in the night
And I reached beside me
Hopin' you will be there

But instead I find someone
Who believe in me when I said
"I'd always care."

Oh it's sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along,
Yes, it's sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along.

So I lived my life in a dreamworld
For the rest of my days
Just you and me walkin' hand in hand
In a wishful memory
Oh, I guess that's all
That it would ever be.

Wish I had a time machine
I could make myself go back
Until the day I was born,
And I would live my life again
and rearrange it so that I'll be
Yours from now on.

Oh it's sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along,
Yes, it's sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along.


Thanks Brett...I think that is it...I appreciate your diligence in finding the lyrics even though it was not a Dan Fogelberg song...


Again thank you for all your help...



Gail Grommon 



Thank you for your web site. I have been to several of the links and web site for Fans of Dan Fogelberg. I was enthralled and elated by most. My one complained for his many fans would be the weight we as fans put in Dan’s pockets. I personally hope and pray that Mr. Fogelberg has finally found the happiness he has been searching for in his lifetime of work. He has given us a passageway to his soul and we are not satisfied with such a tremendous gift.


I have read complaints about his new CD not being released and I cringe. I have the fortitude to wait and if it is never to be; GOOD. I am thrilled for this represents one thing to my light filled spirit, that perhaps he has truly found the contentment that is lacking in so many of his works and from all indications perhaps in his life.  He has help to guide me in my personal journey for the last twenty-seven years, while his own journey appears to be filled with potholes and rocky inclines.  His music has seen me through an abusive marriage and through a different marriage of peace and contentment for the last twenty years. My three beloved children are all now in college and they are as devoted to this man’s music as I am.


I was a journalist for many years and am now a published novelist. The album Souvenirs and chiefly ‘Changing Horses’ has been an inspiration in realizing this dream of a lifetime. ‘Changing faces in the middle of a dream,’ is my personal banner. I tried to change my dreams, but they always came home to the original.


Brett I am soooo jubilant I decided to type in Dan’s name one day a few weeks ago and found this place. I venture to your site almost every day to read what’s going on in ‘Forum.’ Just before I spend my morning working on what will become my next novel. Thank-you once more. Well Done!!!!



R.G. H. A Friend


I first heard a Fogelberg song in 1980 when a high school friend played Netherlands on the piano. My soul was deeply touched, and I immediately bought all of his music and albums. I grew up in the Colorado mountains, and so many of his songs express a kindred passion for the beauty of nature and of the soul.

Now, twenty some years later after attending my 20 year class reunion, I saw that friend, and she asked me to play that song for her. It brought us both to tears. I have a rekindled love of all of the songs that were an integral part of my life back then. I am now anxious to hear the new music he has been doing.

Gina Wolfe


Hi !
I've been a Fogelberg fan since I first heard Part of the Plan on the radio forever ago.
Having always been an acoustic lover ,Dan's been my favorite since then.  I'm not much younger than he is and have been writing and playing myself (as a sideline) for about the same amount of time.  While not as accomplished a musician or singer, at a show one night I was asked by someone," what Dan Fogelberg lp was that song on."  It was one of my own writings.  So thanks for the influence and inspiration, and though I'll never be as well known as Dan it's nice to know that I was once favorably compared to my favorite singer-songwriter of all time.  If you want to find out- I could send you a copy of the cut on cd.
Thanks again
Michael T. Gailinas
Thanks Michael.  It would be great for you to send a CD with some of your stuff so that I could add it to the artistry of the fans pages.  You can send the CD to:
Brett M. Smith
1916 N. Macdonald
Mesa, AZ 85201
PS... ...Sorry it took so long to get back at ya... ...I've had computer problems and finally got them figured out.



     I wanted to comment on the concert my wife and I attended at The Starlight Outdoor Theatre on Butler University's campus in Indianapolis , Indiana. To the best of my recollection , the year was the mid 70's in the summer months and we went there to see Dan because we both loved his music. It talked to our hearts and souls. There was something haunting in the lyrics that we ( and almost everyone ) connects with. The songs seem to be for you and it is a very personal experience. The night was warm and slowly transitioned to a slight chill which we were unaware of until going to the car . His music affects you that way. You dive in gently and go on a journey through your soul and mind in a very peculiar way. Dare I say .... it is a religious experience for many. Not many achieve the success Dan has and maintain a following in all age groups like he has  which speaks well of his career.
     Since that night we have ventured out to every concert he has played here in the Hoosierland. We are eagerly looking for a return in the year 2003 , and hope he can make it back. I know that we as fans bear an enormous pressure on the artist to be there for us ,and go out on the road and live out of a suitcase just so we can hear them , but isn't that what they wanted when they started on this journey ? To change lives and gain a following through the magic of their music ? Please let me hear that Dan is coming back to Indiana where we can see him again. WE are celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary on January 25th of this year (2003) and have carried him with us throughout that time. All the highs and lows and parties and deaths and babies and moves and weddings , Dan was there to sooth the bad times and celebrate the good . 

Thanks, Gene and Cindy

Gene and Cindy,

Happy (Belated) Anniversary.

Keep checking back here for news when his next CD and tour begins.  Thank you for the letter.  I agree with you completely... ...Dan has something the rest do not.

In 2001 I traveled from Arizona to Indianapolis and drove down to Vevay to the Belterra Casino to see him in concert.  You have some mighty beautiful country back there.




I wanted to commend you on such a thoughtful way of sharing your insight on this album by Dan Fogelberg.  My arrival in this world came a bit later, and denied me a timely experience with the music of this very talented artist.
Recently a special someone spoke to me of the significance this album had in his life.   I went online to see if the feeling was shared by others.  It was, and is clearly evident with the homage paid to it in your website. Very well put and comprehensive in every respect, I again commend you on your efforts.  You have provided a connection, one of many, which truly reflect the capabilities of the Internet and how it has the power to bring the world together.
I hope you don't mind that I've taken the liberty to elaborate a bit further on your introductory narration.  You may use it if you like, and no credits are necessary.  This site is well deserved to Dan and to the beautiful music he has so eloquently shared with us.


Gabriel  Santiago
GS Website Design & Internet Marketing


Nether Lands

While continuing to grow as an artist, Fogelberg extended himself even further on this fourth album. Somewhat of a concept album, replete with orchestration and carrying an underlying theme throughout, it has the feel of a long, unified musical suite.  Powerful, moving and emotionally charged, it firmly established Fogelberg as a major artist, one whose creative reach was seemingly boundless.  Delivered at the height of the California rock explosion, this album merged rock, pop, country, folk and classical music genres in a fully cohesive effort.  Clearly, some songs can stand entirely on their own, yet the album begs to be listened to as a complete work.
Fogelberg ambitiously stretched himself to new heights, not only with histhought-provoking lyrics and enchanting vocal ability, but also with his brilliant turns on various instruments.  All this in an album, which Dan himself produced.  Netherlands is a time capsule of sorts, capturing the
essence and free-spiritedness of the 70's.  The depth and reach surpassed that of many other musicians of the time, and most importantly, still resonates many years later.






The year was 77 and Iceland was at my doorsteps
I was in the Navy, A roomate or someone had the Souvenirs album. I was lucky and was able to purchase The Album and then the next one, Nether land....poetry that makes your mind swirl.

Now its 2002, over the years I purchased more, heard about him up in Portland Maine. And now I heard a song clip from Nether land's Lp....Has it been thirty years and I am still yearning for that love lost.....At least I can dust of my

Dan's Album....Don.



One of the neat things of creating this web site is that I get to hear all the different ways a person first came in contact with Dan's music... "Poetry That Makes Your Mind Swirl"  I like that.   Thanks for writing in and sharing your story,




~ Dan ~

By Sandra Derrick

Drawn From A Picture Taken 1995

Click Here To See More




Hi there,
I'll start by saying that I think your site is wonderful and it does an awesome job portraying Dan.  I'm doubtful I'll get a reply but I'll give it a shot…I owe it to my dad to try.  My father died recently, at the young age of 53.  He died suddenly and I'm a very heart broken daughter.  My dad looks just like Dan-I mean it us uncanny.  If you saw a picture, you'd be shocked.  My dad was a young dad-I was born when he was 20.  He grew up in Illinois, right by Dan's old stomping ground.  When my mother was pregnant he moved us to Flagstaff, AZ to be by the mountains and to attend NAU.  My mom left and my dad was the first single man in Arizona to ever get full custody of a child.  I had a different childhood to say the least…I often played pool and listened to my dad sing in local bars.  He also played guitar.  I love listening to Dan's music, I grew up listening to it and I really find comfort in it and him.  Just looking at him makes me smile…because he is so much like my father.  If they would've met I know they would have been friends.  Anyway, I'm still in Arizona, I currently teach at Arizona State University and I'm still hurting and missing my wonderful father.  Please tell Dan that I love his music and it brings comfort.  My biggest dream is that I could hear Dan play one of the songs my dad wrote.  I know it is very far fetched but with a little hope, great things can happen.  What is interesting is that I'm interviewing in Colorado for a faculty position there.  Maybe I'll run into him someday.  Is there any other place I can try to contact Dan?


I'm sorry for the loss of your father... ...he sounds as though he was a wonderful man.  I will send you the address to Dan's management.  If you have any recordings of your father I could put them up in The Artistry Of The Fans section here at Ever On.





Dear Brett,


My name is Debbie and I have been a fan of Dan Fogelberg's music for 27 years. I cannot adequately express the sheer joy and happiness that his voice and music has brought to me throughout these years. His voice alone is magical and ethereal and makes me want to cry from happiness every time I hear him sing. When he came through Chicago this summer in June I had another obligation and I wasn't able to see him in concert and I was just crushed! So I'm anxiously awaiting his next tour through Chicago. I hope it won't be too long.


I love your site and I'm so very happy to see how many other people still love Dan and feel the same way I do. His music, voice and lyrics are special beyond words.


I need some help and I'm hoping through this forum, you or someone else may be able to help me. I play the piano and have every music song book of Dan's except River of Souls, from 1993. I don't know how I could have possibly missed buying that one. Unfortunately the River of Souls song book is out of print now. I even checked e-Bay and nobody seems to be selling it at the present time. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!


Again, I appreciate your website and all the hard work that goes into it.


Thank you so much!





You can find the lyrics and guitar chords to many Dan songs, including five from "River Of Souls",  at Greg Steele's pages at http://www.gregorysteele.com/music/fogelberg_indx.htm .  I know you are looking for piano, but have you thought about taking up the guitar?  Just kidding.  Try to find a store or web site that deals with out-of-print songbooks.  Check a store that sells in-print stuff and ask them if they know of any stores or web sites that handle out-of-print songbooks/sheet music.  And keep checking eBay... ...I find rare, out of print material on there from time to time... ...like the Home Free/Souvenirs book that came out in 1975.  And A Dan Fogelberg Made Easy For Guitar that contains 25 songs from Home Free/Souvenirs/Captured Angel/Phoenix.  I check eBay on a regular basis because what isn't there one day, may be there the next.  I will keep my eyes open for the book and will let you know if I can find it.  


...and, I'm glad you like the web site.






Hey Dan,
    I just want to say thanks for 30 years of sharing your incredible talent with us.  You are an amazing musician and songwriter, but they way you share your heart through your music is the true blessing.  I'm sure that most of your fans think of you as an old friend, the way I do, because of the way that you have opened up your life to us through your lyrics.  I certainly see a "spark of the creator" in your gift and I am very grateful for your willingness to share it with us.  My prayer is for God to bless your life in the same way that you have blessed so many others.  I believe the best is yet to come!
Tina Robison, Franklin, TN




Mr. Brett Martin Smith,
  You have a very exquisite site.  It's very informative.  What song is that playing in the background.  I'm not yet familiar with all of Dan's works yet. 

I happened to get introduced to DF from an old friend about 28 - 30 years ago.  I sent him this site and thanked him for turning me towards a great artist.

Thanks again for all the hard work you put into the site.  I just happed to buy a guitar amp in Peoria (6-11-02) just a week before Dan's gig was there.  Just happens to be his birthplace.  I think I'll call the amp Dan or Folgey if that's not too irreverent.  That was about a 3 1/2 hour drive for me.  

In music, 
Mike Angst,
West Allis (Milwaukee) Wisconsin


That song playing in the background is the intro to Ever On from the album "The Wild Places".  You can see his entire song list in alphabetical order at http://everon.50megs.com/song_list_alpha.htm .  This cross references each song to each album it is on  as well as a link to the lyrics and some of them have 30 second sound samples.






Dear Brett Smith and others,

Brett I am writing to you because I read your ever on forum and I enjoy  of it.  I wish I knew what was going on.  I have got a few emails from a couple of people ever since I got my web address but I don't know any of you that I can remember.  It seems like people have got me mixed up with the man called Nashville Now a long time ago.  My first wife was a big Fogleberg fan and I heard her music all the time but used to tell her she would get sick of it if she didn't listen to something else.  I dont guess she ever did.  She usd to go to see him ever year and I never did till the Nashville Now show.  I liked country music and she got tickets to Nashville Now by just writing in.  She didn't tell me who was going be there and I found out why she did when we got there.  That's when I foudn out he played bluegrass and I liked it a him.  I laughed just like everbody else when Forrest something called in to ask for Dan Hagirty or whatever he asked for we thought it was funny because his name was Forrest and Gertie leaned over and said How did you get on that phone setting here?  So that's alwasy been funny to me.  I didn't hear his last name so I don't know how people got me mixed up with him but I would be interest in hearing it.  I went to two concerts with Gertie after that before she got terminal illness.  We went to see him in Memphis not far from where we lived and once to  Nashville.   First concert I ever went to with another woman in Memphis after that somebody yelled out Kingston Springs and scared my date and we had to leave.  I guess that wasnt too funny to me and couldn't laugh like other people.  So if I upset anybody writing about that incident that is why.  I wanst being rude.  It was just not very funny to me because of that.  I learned to like Fogleberg music after Nashville Now and go to concerts when he is in Memphis and when he used to go to Nashville.  You all seem like you are having fun, but I  just was nt in on the joke about my name.  I didn't answer email because I didn't know who you were and didn't want to make anybody feel bad that you had me confused with someone.  You all seem like you have fun and will be happy to talk to you if you come to a Memphis concert.  Even the man who yells out Kingston Springs.  Brett if it is alright since you have the forum I will write you where my tickets are at the next Memphis concert if somebody wants to come by.

Forrest Baskin




Dear Brett,
              Worked a 13 hr. night shift. Turned on this site to wind down before shut eye. I can't believe the effort you have put into this site. I was going through the fave lyrics and clicked on  the entire song lyrics. I couldn't believe the beauty of the lyrics alone, but the illustrations / pictures with the lyrics was  more than I could comprehend. How incredible. My first reaction was  "OH my God"  Thank you , thank you, thank you! This is a web site that truly captures the heart. I didn't think any thing could top Dan's lyrics, but his  lyrics with illustration is almost too much for the senses. I shall sleep well. Thanks. 


Thank You Laura... ...you are more than kind.





I'm a guitar player/singer in several church groups. A few years ago on father's day I sang Leader of the Band before Mass began to honor the fathers. People loved it and I have done it each father's day since. My own father passed away 2 years ago. I still wanted to sing the song but it has taken on a different meaning for me. 


As I sang the words, I realized that, for me, it is a song about Jesus Christ. "An only child, alone and wild...a cabinet maker's son (Jesus Christ's father was a carpenter)...He left His home and went His lone and solitary way. And He gave to me a gift I know I never can repay." Jesus Christ gave His life for us. We can never repay Him.


Thank you, Dan, for a song that has brought me closer to my Jesus!




Terry Little





Dear Brett,   

          My name is Laura. I am very new to the world of computers and to your web site. I have however found a haven on the internet. This is an awesome place to visit, I sometimes feel as if I've been around the world and back after reading and enjoying the video clip, pictures, interviews  etc...

I have a question to ask you if you wouldn't mind?

Could you tell me who submitted the photo of Dan on his white horse that is found  under web links. I happen to see it July first when I was browsing. I hadn't seen it before. This photo is very special to me and I almost fell of my chair when I saw it on the web. Any information you could give me would be very much appreciated. Thank you, and thank you for such a creative and truly enlightening website and for your devotion to Dan. (he's the best)!

             Also, I feel so badly that I had not seen Dan perform since 1994. I didn't know that he was touring all these years and I was missing him.  My brothers saw him at Interlochen in MI. in 1998, but I am in VA. and couldn't find him anywhere, until this year when a friend called me. I always hear about his concerts by word of mouth. When  I got on the computer and saw that he had been touring all these years I felt so sad, like I had missed out on so many wonderful nights. Also since his merger with Sony there seems to be no physical address to write to him.

           Needless to say I feel very relieved that I have a place that can keep me so connected!  Yes! I did see Dan in concert this summer. He was extremely wonderful. He has never disappointed me with his shows, they are always enchanting and leave me on a HIGH for probably way too long. Thanks again Brett and keep up the great drawing and the most comforting , whimsical, dreamy, enchanting website on the internet.




Thank you for the kind words about Ever On.  That picture of Dan on the white horse is in the insert that comes along with the "Portrait" cd... ...a collection of 4 Cd's spanning his 25 year career when it was released in 1997. 



Brett c]:{


This is possibly the most amazing, beautiful, and, yes, awesome website I've ever seen.

Thank you, so much!

 Bonnie Carlson

Candia, NH


For Daniel


Traveling concentric circles,

seen largest from below,

you learned to live by light and dark

to consummate the whole.

Intimate glimpses, infinite sight,

and valuable reprise -

a balance wrought by mystery,

yet of a sure design:


A narrow loss, a sad refrain,

by lessons rectified;

A moment's joy, still true to hope,

your song yet dignified.

Experience you'd celebrate

before impoverished eyes,

and proved it sane to contemplate

whatever life devised.


No lesser were the melodies

to offer certain worth

by inspiration's temperance,

or just to bring us mirth.

Without your sojourn visions,

small circles would have been

more troubled and less comforting,

but for the notes you sent.


With voice that speaks for many,

of gratitude I write

that with a poet's heart you sing

the ballads of this life.

To meet would be such sweetness,

except for fact you'd know

that I, embarrassed, once had guessed

that yours was like my own.



June 2002



Would like to express my gratitude for your site devoted to Dan Fogelberg, his music, and his fans! I have been following his career since I was a teen in the 70's, and am still listening to his music.  Everyone knows how turbulent the teen years can be, and I must tell you that listening to Dan Fogelberg during that time really helped me to remain focused on the direction I wanted to be going as a person.


Will never , ever be able to forget the first time I heard "Netherlands." I honestly can remember having chills running up and down my spine, and the song still has that effect on me. His lyrics paint a most vivid portrait, so eloquently. And the melodies are repeated throughout my mind....have played his music for my children, and they also are fans. 


Although so many musicians come and go through the ages, Dan Fogelberg has endured, and still represents a brilliant talent in our age of troubled times. He, along with the Beatles, the Eagles, and CSNY have chronicled the lives of my generation. 


Will be seeing Dan on his summer tour soon in Cleveland. This will be my 3rd time, and hope there will be more to come. Again...would like to thank those who have put together this great website, and most of all to the man who has inspired me to go wherever my dreams may lead... thanks, Dan.



"Heart Hotels"
When It Was Released In Spain


~ Dan Fogelberg Screen Saver Three ~ Tour 2002 ~

~ Dan Fogelberg Screen Saver Two ~

~ Dan Fogelberg Screen Saver One ~


More To Come


~ Vote For Your Favorite Verse ~


~ Gold / Platinum Page ~

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An Amazon.com Platinum Visa And Help Ever On Stay Ever On-Line

Above Photos By Christian From Germany ~ T H A N K   Y O U!!!

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Changing horses
In the middle of a stream 
Gets you wet
And sometimes cold 
Changing faces
In the middle of a dream
Gets you old 
Oh, gets you old 

Looking farther
Than you'll ever hope to see 
Takes you places
You don't know 
Search for someone
You can't ever hope to be 
And still you go
Oh, still you go

From Changing Horses 

Last night I dreamed
I was looking down
On the planet Earth
Spinning 'round and 'round
And as I cast
My gaze about
I watched
Her lovely light go out
The light went out

And even though it was
Just a dream
It seemed as real
As it could seem
And often dreams
The truth forebodes
You got to get back children
On the holy road
Get back children
On the holy road

From Holy Road

Be on your way
Don't try to say
That you love me still
If we couldn't find
The right dream by now
Then we never will

We paid our dues at the door
And never once saw the stage
We wrote our share of love's lore
And never quite filled the page
So be on your way

From Be On Your Way

Love when you can
Cry when you have to 
Be who you must
That's a part of the plan 
Await your arrival
With simple survival 
And one day we'll all understand 
One day we'll all understand 
One day we'll all understand 

There is no Eden
Or Heavenly gates 
That you're gonna
Make it to one day 
But all of the answers
You seek can be found 
In the dreams
That you dream
On the way

From Part Of The Plan


Oh I've seen the bottom
And I've been on top
But mostly
I've lived in between
And where do you go
When you get to the end
Of your dream

From Nether Lands


Once in a vision
I came on some woods
And stood at a fork in the road
My choices were clear
Yet I froze with the fear
Of not knowing which way to go

Oh, one road was
Simple acceptance of life
The other road
Offered sweet peace
When I made my decision
My vision became my release

From Nether Lands


Seeing you again
Was like meeting
For the first time
In a foggy dream
So many years ago
Strangers in an airport
Searching for a word
To break the ice

Holding you again
Even for the briefest moment
Made me realize
How much I love you still
Wanting you to want me
Still not knowing
If you ever will

From Seeing You Again


A child in South Ohio
A man in Northern Maine
He took his dream
To the end of the world
And he brought it home again
Here he met his sweet Rebeckah
Here he came to make his stand
In a house he built
In the piney woods
Where the ocean meets the land

From Song For A Carpenter


Now the dream is rising 
In a moment it will be past 
This breath is my first 
It will all too soon be my last 
And on a windy coast 
I made several toasts 
To you and me and the sea
And no one heard

From Song From Half Mountain


You've climbed your way to the top
But lately it seems
That there's a hole in the heart
Of the American dream
Sittin' pretty in your trophy room
With your shining souvenirs
That just remind you
Of the wasted time
And the lateness of the years

Is that all, is that all there is
Is that all
There must be more than this

From All There Is


No more shadows to be seen
All the sunshine you can dream
Spew your sour-smelling steam
I'm gonna fly

To where the sky meets the land
And the living is not planned
And the children can laugh
Just cause they're living

From Long Way Home
(Live In The Country)


You with the past at your back
And the future unsure 
Asked for the chance
To try love once more 
Well aware of the consequences
Should the dream fall through 
You threw down your last defenses
Wanting to try something new 
Wanting to try something new

From Lessons Learned


Every time it seems that
You have gained an understanding
Those devils at your heels
Reach up and try to tip the scales
Waking from a dream it seems
It's all been done without you
And every vain attempt
To make you stay
Is destined to fail

From Empty Cages


I had a family and friends
Oh so many friends
We'd drive to the lake
On holidays
Back then it wasn't so dear
For a sandwich or beer
At night I still dream
I can see their faces

Certain things
That you depend upon
There are places
That you know
And the faces of America
Oh, where do they go
Where did they go

From Faces Of America


The places dash
And the faces dart
Like fishes in a dream
Hiding 'neath
The murky banks
Of long forgotten streams

The lines of life
Are never long
When seen from end to end
The future's never coming
And the past has never been

From In The Passage


In the cities and town
There are millions who dream
But the traffic's so lou
That you can't hear them scream
There's a heaven on earth
That so few ever find
Though the map's in your soul
And the road's in your mind

From The Wild Places


Seldom seen
A scarecrow's dream 
I hang in the hopes
Of replacement 
Castles tall
I built them all 
But I dream that I'm
Trapped in the basement

Garden gate
An empty plate 
Waiting for someone
To come and fill 
Scarecrow's dreams
Like frozen streams 
Thirst for the thaw
But they're running still 

From Scarecrow's Dream


Putting on your face
Before the mirror on the wall
Dreaming that
The looking glass was me
Catching your fondest gazes
Living through your fickle phases
I love you

And it's getting easier each day
To weep about you
Harder every night
To sleep without you
How many years must I be
Driven by this dream
Of love with you

From Stars


Freedom is near
But seems to elude you 
Trying to change your dreams
Into what your needs allow 
It should be easy by now 
Why is love
Always the last to know 

From The Last To Know


Falling back
On better days 
Trying your damnedest
To laugh 
You've thrown those
Childish dreams away 
It's over, you say
Still you ask 
Why is love
Always the last to know

From The Last To Know


Sometimes in the night
I feel it
Near as my next breath
And yet untouchable
Silently the past
Comes stealing
Like the taste
Of some forbidden sweet

Along the walls
In shadowed rafters
Moving like a thought
Through haunted atmospheres
Muted cries
And echoed laughter
Banished dreams
That never sank in sleep

From Ghosts


Down the ancient corridors
And through the gates of time
Run the ghosts of days
That we've left behind

Down the ancient corridors
And through the gates of time
Run the ghosts of dreams
That we left behind

From Ghosts


Balance the cost
Of the soul you lost 
With the dreams
You lightly sold 
Are you under
The power of gold

Balance the cost
Of the soul you lost 
With the dreams
You lightly sold 
Then tell me that you're free
Of the power of gold  
The power of gold

From The Power Of Gold


I take my place
Along the shore 
And I wait for the tide
It seems I've passed
This way before 
In an earlier time
To every man the mystery
Sings a different song
He fills his page of history
Dreams his dreams and is gone

From River Of Souls


Like a Phoenix
I have risen
From the flames 
Like a Phoenix
I have risen
From the flames 
No more living
Someone else's dreams

I have cried too
I have cried too long 
I have cried too
I have cried too long 
No more sorrow
got to carry on

From Phoenix


How many roads
Will you have to wander 
How many dead end streets 
How many dreams
Will you finally squander 
Dodging your own defeats 

You're wishing on the moon tonight 
There's not a lucky star in sight 
Just wishing on the moon tonight 

From Wishing On The Moon


The faster we run
The further away
The dreams that
We chase become
Lost in the sun
Spinning and turning
Blind in the burning
Light of day
We have to turn away

From Lost In The Sun


Children all married
Husband's passed on
Nothing but time on her hands
Most of her mornings 
Are spent in her dreams
Or making her sad little plans

Maybe she'll go to the corner today
And pick up the new McCall's
If just to escape for an hour 
From her windows and walls
Windows and walls
Windows and walls

From Windows And Walls


Elusive as dreams
Barely remembered
In the morning
Love like a phantom flies
But held in the heart
It pales like
The empty smile adorning
A statue with sightless eyes

From Make Love Stay


There's so many things
You need to learn
That I can never teach
And places
In your troubled soul
That I may never reach
So I wander
Like an ebbing tide
Along this lonely beach
And cast my dreams
Like stones into the sea

From Mountains To The Sea


But now that your heart
Has turned away
I must try
To find a way
To let you go
Even though I know
You will never leave me

Cause you were my life's
One great romance
And I will always
See you dancing
Through my dreams
And as hopeless
As it seems
I will always love you

From Our Last Farewell


There's a cry
In the oceans
It's plaintive and blue
And it rises
From the depths
Breaks my heart in two
It's the dreams
Of the great whales
Running aground
For they know
That they're eternity bound
For they know
That they're eternity bound

From A Cry In The Forest


Mary Estelle Hanna
Came out from Louisiana
For the sun 
A deal gone bad In Dallas
Left her burned and broken
On the run 
To make the rent
And groceries
She takes this job
At three-fifteen an hour 
Serving shots of whiskey
And tequila
In some smoky red-neck bar 
And she dreams
Some day
She'll make her way to L.A.
And become a movie star

From Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)


I sing to your spirit
Where all my dreams dwell
The vision, the freedom
The life lived so well
And I sing in your canyons
And the echoes ring clear
And I wish somehow
You may still hear

From Bones In The Sky


Sold your dreams
For sweet salvation
Left with righteous
Now it seems
That you face starvation
And nourishment
Doesn't come cheap
You better go back to sleep

Captured Angel
Aching to make your break
Your freedom's at stake
You better fly now
Fly now, fly now
While your wings
Are still young
Your cage door's
Been flung wide open
And I'm hoping you see
That there's a place
Beside me
If you ever need it

From Captured Angel


You face the future
With a weary past
Those dreams
You banked upon
Are fading fast
You know you love her
But it may not last
You fear

From Hard To Say


My mother
Was of Scottish blood
It's there that she was born
They brought her
To America in 1924
They left behind the highlands
And the heather-covered hills
And came to find America
With broad expectant dreams
And iron wills

From Forefathers


Well they came from New York City
And they came from Alabam’
With their dreams of finding fortunes
In this wild unsettled land
Well some fell prey to hostile arrows
As they tried to cross the plains
And some were lost in the Rocky Mountains
With their hands froze to the reins

From Sutter's Mill


Nothing lasts forever
I know that this is true
But I never knew how true it was
'Til I was losing you
Oh maybe I'm a dreamer
Or maybe I'm a fool
But I never thought that love
Could be this careless or this cruel

You wrestle with the reasons
But the reasons never rhyme
Or comfort when the heart
Is in decline
And it doesn't really matter
If it's chance or it's design
It's gonna to take some time

From Hearts In Decline


Magnolia, now I see
That freedom isn't free
And love's the only true redeemer
And when this journey's through
I'll be coming back for you
If you'll have this foolish dreamer

From Sweet Magnolia


Capture the moment
Carry the day
Stay with the chase
As long as you may
Follow the dreamer
The fool and the sage
Back to the days
Of the innocent age

From Innocent Age


Oh, I wish that I was
In your arms a sleeping
Dreaming of the sweet love
We just made
But I’m runnin’ down
This mountain pass
At midnight
Wishin’ I was
In your arms again

From Mountain Pass


If your dreams
Should wake you
Shaking in the night
She can touch your face
And take away all fright
Like a tree
In a meadow wind
She will bend
To take you in 
Makes no difference
Where you've been

That's the way
She feels about you
That's the way
She feels about you

If you wake up screaming
Scared about
What you're dreaming
You know she is there
She can share
You're aware
She cares about you

From Sunlight


Now we've both known 
Our share of failures before
We both drove 
Our share of ships on the shore
We both know the cost 
Of dreaming too hard, too high
Of dreaming too high

But now it seems 
That every step
That we missed
Was just a trick of fate 
To lead us to this
When we can share 
The taste of something
That's so sublime
As a love beyond time

From A Love Beyond Time


Lonely and winsome
Calling for someone
Living right now
Something is shallow
Ugly and hollow
Doesn't even allow you
To want to know
How you might
Live for the living
And give for the giving
Moment by moment
One day at a time
It doesn't matter
It's nothing
But dreaming anyhow

From It Doesn't Matter

















Click here to read some "Dreams..."

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Ever On Has Changed Much Since Its Creation On July 2, 2000

Click On Any Of The Following To See

Each one shows a different Ever On home page from the past, starting with Ever On when all there was is a home page... ...on the others, the links may or may not work for all I was interested in doing was saving different iterations of the home page over time. (It would be a little much to save more than that - Ever On is close to 400 pages deep at this point... ...and it all started with one page.)

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Opened For Dan At Humphrey's By The Bay In San Diego

 July 2003

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And Purchase Information

CiCi Porter

CiCi opened for Dan at Humphrey's
In July 2000.  

She has much new to offer:


I am proud to announce the release of a
 Live Concert CD of the Cici Porter
Journey to Wholeness Project

"First Flight."

An evening of solo acoustic music 
and spoken word dedicated to the healing 
and prevention of childhood sexual abuse.

   Available now by sending 
a check or money order for $12 
(includes shipping and handling) 

Cici Porter
PO Box 3
Oceanside, CA  92049

purchase it on my web site at:  http://wholenessproject.com 

The concert, which took place in October, 2001, was originally intended as a fund-raising event for the creation of a fully produced CD of the 
songs performed that evening.  More than just a  musical event, it was the sharing of my story through music and a discussion of the events
behind the songs and my  healing process. 

Upon listening to the recording six months later, I realized that there was a magic captured on this evening that was more important than even
the most perfectly produced tracks of the same material could ever communicate.  Just the experience of traveling with me from my first tentative words, audience and performer nervous alike, through the ease and humor that grows with each subsequent song, to the freedom and joy expressed in the room by the end of the concert, is a metaphor for the journey that the songs convey.  I offer this CD as a way to share that journey and my message of hope with anyone who is open to hear it.

And a PS for those who were wondering: 
I am still working on the  'fully produced version' CD. 

It should be complete near the end of this year.

I'll keep you posted!

I am thrilled to announce the release of my new CD "Emergence!"

Although the CD Release Party has passed,
the help you can give to us in the world who
have been subjected to sexual abuse has not.  

You can still order the CD's providing
contributions to put a halt to the abuse
and start a healing for the children
Young And Old

PS. New website coming SOON READY for more info and online purchasing...

Visit http://wholenessproject.com


Ernie Mansfield

Web Site


Music Samples
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See Ernie's Page at Ever On


Jim Wilson

Web Site


Music Samples
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"Cape Of Good Hope" To Air On PBS

See Jim's Page At Ever On


Martin Guitars To Honor Dan
More Details & Pictures ~ Added September 2, 2001
Dealer Purchase List ~ Added January 18, 2002
D41DF Edition Total   =  141

"The Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg"

Dan Fogelberg is one of the all-time great American singer/songwriters. 

His classic hits are still heard on radio across the country. 

Now, for the first time, a career-spanning collection of the best of Dan Fogelberg is available on a single-disc package! 

Each song was personally chosen and sequenced by Dan himself, making this a truly special collection of his favorites.

"The booklet features many previously unseen photos and liner notes."

"The Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg"


Release Date: 7/03/2001

Press Release: June 26, 2001




Includes major hits "Part Of the Plan," "Longer," "Heart Hotels,"

"Same Old Lang Syne," "Hard To Say," "Leader Of the Band,"

"The Language Of Love" and more, plus album tracks.

Set to arrive in stores July 3rd on Epic/Legacy, in advance of 12-city U.S. tour which kicks off July 5th

"Over the course of nearly 30 years and 20 albums, Dan Fogelberg has celebrated the beauty of spirit and soul, rivers and romance, everyday trial and transcendent joy.   In a lifetime of music he's soared past trends and aimed for timelessness.  That takes courage.   And that courage makes classics.

From the liner notes written by Paul Evans

A freshly-compiled anthology by the Colorado-based singer-songwriter whose angelic vocals and panoramic detail provided the setting for some of the most deeply personal songs to grace the charts in the 1980s, THE VERY BEST OF DAN FOGELBERG represents the most extensive single-CD compilation of his career.

It is also the first collection to span some 20 of his productive years at Epic Records, from 1974 to 1993.  
The 17-song disc has been scheduled for
July 3rd in-store date on Epic/Legacy, a division of Sony Music.

THE VERY BEST OF DAN FOGELBERG lives up to its title, as it ranges in time from his career-making debut hit, "Part Of the Plan" (featuring Graham Nash on harmony vocal and producer Joe Walsh on lead guitar) off the 1974 album Souvenirs, all the way through his two final chart albums for Epic, 1990's The Wild Places (with "Rhythm Of the Rain") and 1993's River Of Souls (with "Magic Every Moment" and "A Love Like This").

Along the way are the 9 consecutive top 30 hits (released 1979 to 1984) 
without which this anthology would be considered incomplete: 

This marks the first time that any single-disc collection has included every one of Fogelberg's biggest hits, and as such, it surpasses the previous Greatest Hits (of 1982) and Love Songs (of 1995). Only Portrait, the 4-CD, 62-song boxed set of 1997 matches the new release in its scope and depth.

As with Portrait, every track on THE VERY BEST OF DAN FOGELBERG was personally selected by the artist, who also supervised the sequencing of the program.  The album was produced for reissue by Al Quaglieri and digitally remastered by engineer Joe Palmaccio at Sony Music Studios in New York.

Newly-commissioned liner notes were written by Paul Evans, a former writer for Rolling Stone.

Two days after THE VERY BEST OF DAN FOGELBERG hits stores, he will open a highly-anticipated 12-city tour of the West and Midwest, beginning at Pier 6263 in Seattle on July 5th, then continuing at Konocti Harbor Resort in Kelseyville, CA (7); Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, CA (8); Humphrey's in San Diego (10); Sun Theatre in Anaheim (11); House Of Blues in Las Vegas (13); Pike's Peak Center in Colorado Springs (15); Paramount Theatre in Denver (16); Belterra Casino in Vevay, IN (19-20); Meadowbrook in Detroit (23); Michigan Center For the Performing Arts in Interlochen (24); and wrapping up at the Mondavi Winery in Napa, CA (28).

In 1971, Dan Fogelberg was introduced to Clive Davis (by manager Irving Azoff) in the blush of singer-songwriter signings that eventually brought Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Eric Andersen, Tom Rush, Loudon Wainwright and others to the label. Born in Illinois, Fogelberg had come to the West Coast a year and a half earlier at Azoff's suggestion. After woodshedding in the hills of Laurel Canyon, he was ready to record his first album for Azoff's Full Moon/Epic label. Working in Nashville with producer Norbert Putnam, Home Free (1972) may not have been a commercial success but won Fogelberg the admiration of fellow musicians - once his "idols," these various members of the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield (and hence the Eagles) were now his neighbors and collaborators.

Fogelberg's next album, Souvenirs (1974), produced in Los Angeles by Joe Walsh, proved to be a breakthrough. When "Part Of the Plan" reached the top 40, Fogelberg was elevated to headliner status on-tour. He quickly recorded and released his next album in less than a year, Captured Angel (1975).  His success enabled him to move from L.A. and settle in Colorado, in a home overlooking the Continental Divide that he bought from fellow musician Chris Hillman. There, Fogelberg took his time composing the haunting song-cycle of Nether Lands (1977), his next best-seller.

As a follow-up, he chose to depart from popular expectations by collaborating with flute player Tim Weisberg. The result was Twin Sons Of Different Mothers (1978). It was Fogelberg's first LP to be certified RIAA platinum during its stay on the charts (in 1979).

The stage was set for (what would turn out to be) the two biggest albums of Dan Fogelberg's career. Phoenix, released Thanksgiving week 1979, launched the #2 single "Longer" and its follow-up "Heart Hotels" (#21) which, between them enabled the album to stay on the Billboard album chart for 39 weeks and reach #3. The next album, the unprecedented double-LP The Innocent Age, which featured guest appearances by musical inspirations Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris and Chris Hillman, was timed for Labor Day 1981 release.

It outdid its predecessor as it held the chart for 62 weeks and became the source of 4 solid hits:

"Same Old Lang Syne" 
"Hard To Say" 
"Leader Of the
"Run For the Roses" 

Both Phoenix and The Innocent Age went on to reap double-platinum.  At that point, 7 albums and a decade into his recording career, the time was right for a Greatest Hits LP (1982).  It was an easy platinum entry in Fogelberg's discography, distinguished by the fact that it contained two previously unreleased tracks, both subsequently issued as successful top 30 singles, "Missing You" and "Make Love Stay."  It also bought the artist the time he needed to craft his next album, Windows and Walls (1984), a conceptually adventurous outing which nevertheless contained two chart singles, "The Language Of Love" and "Believe In Me."

Stepping outside the rock-and-folk milieu, Fogelberg fulfilled a long-time dream with his next album, the one-off bluegrass project High Country Snows (1985) featuring Doc Watson, David Grisman, Chris Hillman, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs and others.  The next release was Exiles (1987).  Reflecting the breakup of Fogelberg's marriage, it is represented here by "Lonely In Love" and "She Don't Look Back."

Dan Fogelberg could never play the role of the complacent star. To the contrary, he used his voice to decry the environmental outrages of the Reagan and Bush era over the course of his next two albums, The Wild Places (1990) and River Of Souls (1993), his final Full Moon/Epic release. Since then, he has recorded one album for Azoff's Giant Records (No Resemblance Whatsoever, and two albums on Morning Sky/Chicago Records (First Christmas Morning in 1999, and last year's Dan Fogelberg Live, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed And Some Blues).

"Still inspired, still creatively restless, he moved into the millennium making music," concludes Evans. 
"That music remains Dan Fogelberg's 'living
And it's also, in a way, all of ours."


(EK 85280)

Title: Chart: Year: From Album: Chart Rel.

Nether Lands (track) -- Nether Lands #13 1977

Part Of the Plan #31 - Hot 100 1975 Souvenirs #17 1974

Heart Hotels #21 - Hot 100 1980 Phoenix #3 1979

Longer #2 - Hot 100 1979 Phoenix #3 1979 #1 - Adult Cont.

Hard To Say #7 - Hot 100 1981 The Innocent Age #6 1981 #14 - Album Rock

Leader Of the Band #9 - Hot 100 1981 The Innocent Age #6 1981 #1 - Adult Cont.

Same Old Lang Syne #9 - Hot 100 1980 The Innocent Age #6 1981

Run For the Roses #18 - Hot 100 1980 The Innocent Age #6 1981

Make Love Stay #29 - Hot 100 1983 Greatest Hits #15 1982 #1 - Adult Cont.

Missing You #23 - Hot 100 1982 Greatest Hits #15 1982

The Language Of Love #13 - Hot 100 1984 Windows and Walls #15 1984  #8 - Album Rock

Believe In Me #48 - Hot 100 1984 Windows and Walls #15 1984 #1 - Adult Cont.

Lonely In Love (track) -- Exiles #48 1987

She Don't Look Back #84 - Hot 100 1987 Exiles #48 1987 #13 - Album Rock

Rhythm Of the Rain (track) -- The Wild Places #103 1990

Magic Every Moment (track) -- River Of Souls #164 1993

A Love Like This (track) -- River Of Souls #164 1993


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There's a rumor that the president's dead
He had a tumor growing deep in his head
But it hasn't had the slightest effect on how he doing his job

And there's these lessons that they teach you in school
That you'd better learn to play by the rules
Or at least make sure you never get caught
Now that's a dangerous thought

They've got McDonald's in the USSR
Fries and burgers in the Kremlin's backyard
Now they're learning what democracy means
Let's send them Calvin Klein jeans

Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means

Now there's people living out in the street
Going hungry with no shoes on their feet
While the government just twiddles its thumbs
And spends more money on guns

And they keep on planning nuclear war
Tell me who is it they're planning it for
If not the men that make their profits from hate
I swear it seems they can't wait

Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means

And the business boys they don't seem to care
About the blood that filled Tiananmen Square
They're so fearful that their checkbooks will bounce
If they should lose these accounts

And the wall that tore Berlin has come down
Can you hear it? Such a beautiful sound
Like it was written up above in the stars
Now we can sell them more cars

Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means

Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means
Is this what democracy means

~~~ Dan Fogelberg ~~~


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"Musings Of A Moto-Cross Racer"
A Poem By Verda Mortensen Spivey (Now Allen)
My Mother Wrote This About Me After I Gave Her 
A Few Notes On The Subject.  She Only Watched
Me Race ONE Time ~ It Scared Her TOO Much!
Songs Of Rick Nolan
Added July 27, 2003
"Nameless Instrumental"
Added April 10, 2003
"The Storm (Revised)"
Added June 4, 2001
Song By Rick Nolan & Brett Martin Smith
"Well You Can"
Added April 23, 2001
"Your Dreams"
Added April 18, 2001
"No Sorrow And Tears"
Added April 14, 2001
"I'll Remember"
Added April 13, 2001
"Sailing Blind"
"I Love You Rosanne"
"Lights On The Highway" 
Added July 19, 2003
Songs By Steve Bernhard
Poems By Adam Brewer
"I'm Lost Without You"
"Being Apart"
Added June 20, 2003
Songs by Tim Brewer
Added February 3, 2004
Performs "One Small Thread"
Added July 26, 2003
Performs "Baby Baby"
Added June 20, 2003
Performs George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
Added June 12, 2003
Performs "Rain"
Added June 4, 2003
Performs The Moody Blues "Tuesday Afternoon"
Added May 26, 2003
Performs Dan's "Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)"
Added May 15, 2003
Performs America's "Sister Golden Hair"
Added April 14, 2003
Performs "Harvest Moon"
Added March 28, 2003
Performs The Moody Blues "The Story In Your Eyes"
Added March 19, 2003
Performs the The Doors "Crystal Ship"
Added March 10, 2003
Performs the Eagles "Lyin' Eyes"
Added February 4, 2003
Performs John Denver's "Annie's Song"
Added February 3, 2003
Confusion Blues
Added January 31, 2003
Performs Jim Croce's "Time In A Bottle"
Added January 14, 2003
"Tell Me"
Added January 7, 2003
Performs Dan's "Gypsy Wind"
Added December 12, 2002
Performs Dan's "Stars"
Added November 18-24, 2002
Performs Dan's Part Of The Plan
Performs Dan's "Nature Of The Game"
Song "The Eyes Answer"
Added June 19, 2003
Late In The Day
By Constance
(At The Bottom Of The Page After You Click The Link)
Mont Performs
John Denver's "Cool And Green And Shady"
Added June 13, 2003
Sitting Alone
Re-Mixed (With Complete Lyrics This Time)
Added June 13, 2003
Written And Performed
Monte Smith
(My Brother)
"Songs By Bill Morse"
We Shall Rise
Added May 27, 2003
Sketch "Hand ~ Red Rose"
Added May 27, 2003
Poem "Drowning In Blue"
Added May 27, 2003

The Rebirth Of A Falls
Added April 12, 2003
By Roxanna

Sacred Circle of Dreams
Added March 22, 2003
By Sherry
The Story Of The Porcelain Swan
Added March 1, 2003
By Roxanna
Songs by Michael T. Gailinas
Added My 31, 2003
Happy Ever After
Added March 12, 2003
Added March 2, 2003
"You Don't Know"
Added February 26, 2003
"The Warrior"
Added February 22, 2003
Lyrics Added February 23, 2003
"Whisper On The Wind"
Added February 20, 2003
"The Essence Of You"
Added January 31, 2003
Dream Catchers
By Sherry
Songs by Marvin Beasley
Added May 27, 2003
KISS's Paul Stanley's "Got To Choose"
Added May 12, 2003
Dan Fogelberg's "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler"
Added March 17, 2003
"Dream Catcher"
Added March 10, 2003
Dan Fogelberg's "Once Upon A Time"
Added February 12, 2003
Added February 3, 2003
"Instrumental Number One"
Added January 31, 2003
"Instrumental Number Six"
Added January 28, 2003
"Circle Of Dreams"
Added January 15, 2003
Monte Smith (My Brother) Sings
John Denver's
"This Old Guitar"
Added January 14, 2003
Brett Sings The Rolling Stones
"Wild Horses"
Added January 12, 2003
Art work by my son Parker
Poetry by my daughter Kristina
"Artistry Of Parker And Kristina"
Added January 12, 2003
Poem "Sisters Of The Ages"
Written By Sandi Smiles
With Loving Help
Brett Martin Smith
Added January 7, 2003
Song "Night Talks"
Written By Sandi Smiles
Arranged and Performed
Brett Martin Smith
Added November 28, 2002
Sketches Of Dan
By Sandra Derreck
Songs By Greg Hatfield
Web Master Of http://riverofsouls.net 
Added October 13, 2002
Song "Dreaming" has been re-mixed in stereo
Added October 6, 2002
Song "Promise" has been re-mastered
Songs By Paolo Giorgi
Added April 14, 2004
Timothy B. Schmit 
        w/Poco's " Keep On Tryin' "
Added May 13, 2003
James Taylor's "Shower The People"
Added October 13, 2002
Added October 10, 2002
Once Upon A Time
Added October 5, 2002
A Knife To Cut My Pain
Added October 4, 2002
Dan's "Looking For A Lady"
 Added October 1, 2002
Sea Wave Eyes
Added July 16, 2002
Performed By
Jim Of "The Innocent Agers"
Added July 13-Agust 23, 2002
Artistry Of Rob Sterling
New ~ "The Reach"
"Guitar Etude #3"
"Stolen Moments"
(Robhamster - OF "The Innocent Agers")
Added June 20, 2002
New Poem 
By Sherry
Added May 7, 2002
Cindy Poole ~ Sketch Of Dan
Added April 3, 2002
What Kind Of Love Is This?
Poem By Holly
Added April 1, 2002
Poetry By Sandi Smiles
Added March 26, 2002
Poetry "Concert"
By Cam Longhurst
Added October 17, 2001
By Constance
Added September 25, 2001
A Tribute To Those Lost On September 11th
Poem Last Call To Heaven 
By Paolo Giorgi
Added July 25, 2001
Dream Catchers and 
Poem "My Brave Natty Gann" 
By Sherry
Added June 24, 2001
Song By Holly
Arranged And Performed By Brett Martin Smith
"Winding Our Way Towards Home"
Added June 2, 2001
Song By Holly
"Porch Talks And Morning Walks"
Added March 26, 2001
Song By Mont with Brett On Backup
"Treadmill Road"
Added February 22, 2001
Song By Rick Nolan
"Mankind's Cry"
Inspired by Dan Fogelberg's "A Cry In The Forest"
(You Gotta Hear This)

~ Dan Fogelberg ~

By Brett Martin Smith

I Scanned The Process Of The Drawing At Different Points Along The Way
Then Using Adobe Photoshop 7 and JASC Paintshop Pro 7 For Affects 

Original Music And Some Covers By Brett Martin Smith
Newest Song
Fortune Teller Lady 
Your crystal's not so clear
I cry for help at the top of my lungs 
But only I can hear the screams

(she said)
Within you lies the way
It's a part of you and yet you still delay
Your legacy is only yours to fill my son
Don't step so slow it passes standing still

~~ From ~~

The Teller's Tent
(This Song Has A Slide Show 40 Pictures From My Youth)
(It May Take A While To Load Depending On The Speed Of Your Connection)

There was grass in the ditch below a long rope swing

 Randy played guitar while we all would sing

The Hargrave’s were there and so were the High’s

And the Boling’s and the Broughton’s they moved nearby


We played in the fields and swam in the pit

And we caused a bunch of mischief I must admit

It was all a bunch of harmless country fun

Oh how the memories make me want to run


To my youth, take me to my youth again
 No deadlines, no headlines to make me cry in pain

Take me to my boyhood, where the girls were fair

 Cute little dimples, turned up smiles and curly hair

 Take me to my youth, Take me to my youth again

 Take me to my youth, Take me to my youth again


~~ From ~~

Take Me To My Youth Again

Exquisite is my joy as was my pain

One wrong step will send me back again

Walk the straight, Walk the narrow

Flying forth a sailing arrow

Heading forth on to a higher plain  


~~ From ~~

Exquisite Is My Joy As Was My Pain
Taken From Alma: Chapter 36
What I want is a  guarantee 
That my love you always  need 
In your life 
What I'll give you will  never end 
I'll treat you right  I'll be your friend 
For eternity 
~ From ~
Love's Guarantee
Written By Brett Smith
What I want is a  guarantee 
That my love you always  need 
In your life 
What I'll give you will  never end 
I'll treat you right  I'll be your friend 
For eternity 
~ From ~
Love's Guarantee
Written By Brett Smith


All my life I've wondered why
Love comes just to turn and go

The more the answer to find I try
The less I seem to know
Where did my rainbow go
Where did my rainbow go
Where did my rainbow go
~ From ~
Where Did My Rainbow Go
Written By Brett Smith
Alan Jackson's
Drive (For Daddy Gene)
One day I dream of having a home
One in which I don't spend my nights alone
And my soul isn't filled with empty holes
Tell me now, what must be my toll
~ From ~
I Don't Know
Written By Brett Smith
What's a man to do to find love that will last the test of time
What's a man to do to find a reason that will fit into a rhyme
Stare into the sunset till he finally sees his heart go blind
Then wait for the sunrise
Pray for the sunrise
Hope that the sunrise will shine again
And you know it will
And you know it will shine again
~ From ~
What's A Man To Do
Written By Brett Smith
Dan Fogelberg's

Linda lost her lover in the early part of autumn
And she moved out to the country hoping all would be forgotten
The last time that I saw her she was making sure the winter
Wouldn’t come through that old door frame
Where the door is several inches from the ground, the cold hard ground

And it’s hard to go down easy
And it’s hard to keep from crying
And it’s hard to lose a lover in the early part of autumn

Go Down Easy
Tell me now, lead me through
Tell me now, what am I to do
Fairy Tales and wishing wells
I've tried them all
Every mountain I've tried to climb
I've turned around to fall
Tell me with my heart where do I go
Tell me with your heart do I make the show
Don't tell me no
~ From ~
Tell Me ~ Don't Tell Me No
Written By Brett Smith
Kidd Rock's & Sheryl Crow's
Dan Fogelberg's
Full Circle
 Bob Seger's
"Turn The Page"
When will you run
Letting go of the past
When will you run
With the love I offer you I ask 
When will you run
Your future's before you
When will you run
With the love I offer you I ask 
Randy Newman's
"Feels Like Home"
Has Been Sung By Bonnie Raitt
In The Motion Picture "Michael"
Dan Fogelberg's
John Denver's
"Flying For Me"
John wrote and dedicated this song to the
crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger when
it exploded in 1986.  I now also dedicate it
to the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia.
Standing at the canyon and the vastness of its reach
Mother Earth is here for all if we'll but let her teach
The secrets that are hidden yet still there in plain view
Each a separate message, path and destiny for you
Born Again
Added February 8, 2003
Jerry Jeff Walker's
"Charlie Dunn"
Performed by Brett Smith
Added February 1, 2003
 John Denver's
"My Sweet Lady"
Performed by Brett Smith
Added December 18, 2002
Gordon Lightfoot's
"Cotton Jenny"
Performed by Brett Smith
Added November 26, 2002
 John Denver's
"Welcome To Morning (Farewell Andromeda)"
Performed by Brett Smith
Added October 15, 2002
Just deceptions in our eyes
Just a thin disguise
Of what is really true
Perceptions of what is not
Do we see through
The black to the blue
Added October 09, 2002
I want to capture who I am
So I can set me free from who I'm not
Time walks us through the days
And leaves behind a haze of something lost
Oh, That I Might See
Added April 22, 2002
New Song "Mogollon Night"
Added March 9, 2002
New Song "Born Of The Want Of Something More"
Added February 25, 2002
New Song "Missing You"
Added February 7, 2002
New Song "What I Didn't Say"
Added January 29, 2002
New Song "Where Will We Go"
Added January 26, 2002
New Song "Where Will This Go"
Added October 25, 2001
New Song "A Lullaby For Momma"
~ For My Dear, Sweet Mother ~
Added October 16, 2001
New Song "Patience For The Moment"
Added October 14, 2001
New Song "I Do"
Added July 17, 2001
New Song "You Can Count On Me"
Added June 22, 2001
 "Baby Rose" Has Been Redone Adding In Lead Guitar By Roy High
Added March 25, 2001
New Song "Passion's Spell"
Added March 9, 2001

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Henry Diltz was also in the PBS studio during the preview helping to support PBS 
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Watching him in the video as well as in the studio I got the impression that he is just a real neat guy... 

...he seems like he would be a hoot to spend the day with.

He was on tour in 2001 with over 100 of his prints. 

For more information call1-800-778-9988.




Brett Martin Smith ~ "Ever On"


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