Comes And Goes

This song is on Dan Fogelberg's 1975 album "Captured Angel" - That was the first album of his that I bought - I now have the CD
Dan promoted the album with a tour in support of the Eagles
The album was produced by Fogelberg. He alone recorded all of the instrumental parts before being convinced by his label to allow for a few re-recordings and contributions by other musicians
The majority of the album was recorded at a studio in South Pekin, Illinois, Fogelberg had returned home to care for his ill father.
Dan Fogelberg – banjo, bass guitar, guitar, harmonica, keyboards, lead and backing vocals, ARP synthesizer
Russ Kunkel – drums, percussion
Cover Artwork – Dan Fogelberg

The woman's like the night she comes and goes
She breaks my heart each day and never knows
And the time I spend in sorrow will match the time I live
And the time that's left is all I have to give

The woman's like an ivy on a pole
She wraps her twisted love around my soul
There will come a sudden winter when she'll seek the warmth of day
And there'll come a time when she will come to stay

The woman's like the tide she comes and goes
She knows the things that I can just suppose
And the time I spend in sorrow will match the time that she laughs
And the songs I sing cannot explain the half

~~~ Dan Fogelberg ~~~

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