Majestic Theatre
Dallas, Texas
Sunday, June 22, 2003

Another great evening of music by Dan Fogelberg.  The show opened with the band slipping on stage in darkness and then beginning the opening chords to “Part of the Plan”.  I’ve never heard him open with that before, oftentimes it’s an encore number.  Dan’s voice seemed to be a little shaky on softer passages early but as he warmed up his voice became stronger and more resonant as the evening progressed.  After the first three hits he made reference to returning to the Seventies & Captured Angel for “Crow”.  There was excellent interplay with Dan and Robert McEntee on slide guitar.  He then introduced the new album, “Full Circle” and played the title song which he described as a favorite Byrds song of his.  They then played that plus Reach Haven Postcard, this song in particular came off VERY well in concert.  He then shifted to piano for “Run for the Roses” with an orchestral intro by Mike Hanna.  Finally he returned to 12 string guitar for a wonderful rendition of “The Reach”.  This song is wonderful in it’s impression of the rhythm of the sea and it’s strong sense of place.

Dan excused the band and let the crew set up briefly for his acoustic tunes.  He returned and played what is always my favorite part of his shows, Dan and an instrument holding the audience in the palm of his hand.  The Dallas audience was respectful and seemed almost unwilling to break the spell by interrupting between songs.  He played a remarkable version of “Lazy Suzan”, a heartfelt (and much appreciated) “Leader of the Band” and then shifted to piano with an extended classical intro to “Same Old Lang Syne”. 

After another short recess, the band returned and they picked up the electrics.  “Missing You” was executed flawlessly, while it’s not one of my favorite Fogelberg songs, it gives him an opportunity to solo on electric which he obviously enjoys.  The next two songs “As The Raven Flies” and “The Power of Gold” had the band in full flight!  The sound was mixed perfectly by this time and Dan’s electric guitar sounded great, stood out during the solos and there was great back & forth with Robert’s guitar.  At one point near the end of “Power of Gold” they doubled on melodies reminiscent of Eric Clapton, I thought for a moment they were going to segue into “Layla”! 

After an extended break with the audience calling them back to the stage Dan and the band returned to play “A Place In The World For A Gambler”.  He invited us to sing along, which we did lustily.  At the end he seemed tired but exultant. 

The show was overall very strong especially highlighting the band with Robert McEntee’s guitar, Jim Photoglo’s high harmonies and Michael Hanna’s keyboards.  They all had opportunities to shine.  The only other thing I had hoped for was more songs from the new album.  I had particularly hoped for “This Heart” & “Icarus Ascending”, I think they are wonderful songs from Full Circle.  I can only hope that Dan is enjoying touring as much as I enjoy seeing the shows and that he continues to tour for a long time. 

Set List

(acoustic guitar with band)

Part of the Plan

Heart Hotels

Hard To Say


Full Circle

Reach Haven Postcard

Run For The Roses

The Reach


(solo guitar & piano)

Make Love Stay

Lazy Susan

Leader Of The Band

Same Old Lang Syne


(electric set with band)

Missing You

As The Raven Flies

Power Of Gold (extended jam)



A Place In The World For A Gambler

(with guitar interlude introduction & chorus sing-a-long)


Larry K. Pennington



A review of the Dallas concert would not be complete without a brief description of the surroundings. The Majestic Theater is situated in the downtown art district with the skyscrapers of Dallas as a backdrop. While driving toward the theater we were inundated with beautiful painting, sculptures and various other styles of visual art, all contributed by local Dallas artist.

Built sometime in the nineteen twenties the Majestic was originally designed for Upper Crust Theater and later vaudeville (I had previously read this info. on an internet site). This 20’s theater on the outside has the feel of an earlier time with large decorative doors completed with an up and down slanted marquee at the top of the outside portico. Inside the main auditorium you will notice the slanted walkways which converge with the stage, additional it has small stage view overhanging VIP balconies on both side of the stage and art novae designs on the ceiling, and the interior peaks of the walls.

We arrived at 7:20 pm with tickets in hand and lost companions, whom we rang on the cell and noticed waving from inside the theater (lucky for them when we had parted earlier they had the sense to wrestle their tickets out of my hands). As our tickets were scanned the usher directed us to our inside entrance door. We skirted thru the large crowded lobby the best we could, headed to our auditorium entrance. I in the meantime was looking at the numerous members of the crowd wondering if a corresponding friend, whom I had never met, but knew would be at the concert, was one of the many faces. We stood around the closed entrance door next to a very pretty lady and a pleasant looking bearded gentleman, the lady briefly smiled at me and asked my name.

She was the friend whose face I had been looking for in the sea of over fifteen hundred people and we were standing waiting side by side at the same doors to enter!!! How is that for the first meeting of DanFan pals? After brief introductions and a bit of talking the doors were opened and we were directed by ushers to our assigned seats.

My companions and I sat talking for about fifteen minutes when we noticed a slender man appear from the side stage entrance, he then proceeded to the center aisle to talk to some apparent friends. I thought I recognized him, but was unsure. I walked past him down the aisle a few rows closer to the stage to ask my new, but nonetheless well known friends opinion about his identity. She agreed about who he was.

After a slight pause at my own seat I mustered up some unknown courage (believe me I have no idea where this chicken-hearted person found it) and went over and introduced myself to Jim Photoglo Dan’s base guitarist.

He was extremely courteous and we talked for several minutes. A blow by blow would be pointless as I was shaking in my heels literally. As a matter of fact he kept looking down toward my feet I think my knees were playing volleyball and he might have been trying to figure out what was making that annoying knocking sound. As we left to go back to our seats I apologized for interrupting his conversation he was very gracious.

Shortly after our talk (with Mr. Photoglo) the opening act came on stage. Her performance lasted a little less then half an hour and was good (I lost my note with her name on it and have been unable to track it down).

A brief break and then a dark theater, a dark stage, and the sounds of music were heard in the air. The light fall across the stage and the Dallas concert began. Dan was wearing light colored cargo pants and a blue striped shirt (I was a bit disappointed he wasn’t in jeans). He looked maybe a bit worn, but splendid nonetheless!!!!

The concert was separated into three different sets and one encore:

The first was with the band:

Part of the Plan

Heart Hotels (my daughters and I are in a dispute about whether he played a brief section of ‘Half Moon Bay’ as part of the intro. to this song)

Hard To Say (his voice sounded a bit tired on the first two songs, but improved on this one)

Crow (he made a reference to the seventies and my daughter yelled something to the effect ‘that was before I was born’ and he smiled beautifully in our direction)

Full Circle (sounded great)

Reach Haven Postcard (his voice came completely alive on this one, what a true pleasure)

Run For The Roses (all the folks who have told me this was a favorite…well…after hearing it live I now understand)

The Reach

The second set was solo (and it was as fantastic as I knew it would be):

Make Love Stay (oh…oh…oh)

Lazy Susan (before this song he talked to one of the stage crew, must have been some acoustic problems, after the slight talking pause he continued first giving us one of his Dan smiles)

Leader Of The Band (still a favorite)

Same Old Lang Syne (my youngest daughters' favorite)

Missing You (you could have heard a pin drop between songs on his solo set, I don’t know how the rest of the folks felt but I was awestruck)

Third set with the band again:

As The Raven Flies ((my son-in-law practically liked this one, as he is a new Dan Fan I was impressed with his choice of favorites during the concert. His others being Lazy Susan and Crow))

Power Of Gold (which I missed about two minutes of on a full out run in heels to the ladies room, got back before it was over)

His encore:

A Place In The World For A Gambler (While the sing a long was happening here the girls and I noticed that Jim Photoglo kept looking and smiling in our direction.)

A split second before the final ‘shine’ a voice from the audience yelled, “Yeah,” Dan stopped briefly, while the music still played, Robert walked to his side whispered in his ear and he sang out the final lyric of our concert. He then said he would ‘See us next time,’ Robert spoke his name into the mic, he stood in front of the standing crowd bowing, acknowledged his band once more, and left the stage to a standing ovation.

On the way out the door I talked to several of the other concert goers about their thoughts on this concert all agreed it was the best one they had seen in several years. Except one gray-haired fellow who kept asking me if I wanted to go and get a drink after the show (I think he must have missed something because the show was already over).

We left the theater with the intentions of coming back after picking up my daughters’ boyfriend, but alas we were lost in downtown Dallas for over two hours so no hob-knobbing with the band or anyone else was to be on this night. (Although we almost had to hob-knob with a strange fellow who try to accost our car at a street light, I had my trusty shoe in hand just in case.)

Someone asked me recently why I was so intent on going to this concert and the last word of the last song said it all, ‘SHINE’ which in my heart I knew he would and he did!!


~ The Signed Poster Is This Picture ~

The Majestic Theatre is a beautiful ornate venue located in downtown Dallas. The Majestic is a more intimate setting with only 1600 seats than Bass Hall in Fort Worth where we saw Dan last year. I don't believe there were any bad seats.
As everyone filled up the lobby we, my husband and I, anxiously scanned the area hoping to meet up with a fellow Dan Fan that I had met through this wonderful site. It was so nice to meet her and her family. After chatting for just a few moments the doors opened and we made our way to our seats. Soon after, I noticed Jim Photoglo making his way up the aisle to greet some friends. I had wondered if my friend had noticed him standing so close to their seats. She came down  to our seats and asked if I had noticed  him. She spoke about talking to him and said she probably would not and returned to her seat. I looked back at Jim and there was my friend and her daughter talking with him. How exciting !!!!!
The opening act was a singer/songwriter from California, Linda Diazl( spell?) with her accompanist. She began singing Amazing Grace, beautifully, and I believe inserted some of her own verses. They played for thirty minutes. She was very good.
AT 9:00 Dan and the band took  the stage. Dan was, wearing olive green cargo pants and a blue, green, red and orange wide vertical stripe shirt, looking great! They did three songs, beginning with Part of the Plan, before he spoke to the audience saying it was great to be back at the Majestic. He introduced the band and had fun with Mike Hanna being from Tennessee doing a country riff on the guitar while introducing him.
 Sorry, I didn't write down the set list, it seemed to be very similar to the set lists from the other concerts.. I had not heard Part of the Plan, Crow( a new favorite!), The Reach, Lazy Susan, As the Raven Flies, Power of Gold and Missing You of his previous work done live and it was awesome! Full Circle and Reach Haven Postcard off of the new CD were great! My only regret was not hearing Nature of the Game. The guitar work back and forth between Robert McEntee and Dan was awesome. It was a great show just too short. It was a two hour show though it passed too quickly! I could have listened all night!
I would like to add one more thing. Throughout the years Dan Fogelberg has taken us on this amazing journey and I am so thankful everyday that he has shared this wonderful gift with all of us sitting out there in the dark!!!!