Center Court @ Harbortown
Hilton Head, South Carolina
Friday, June 6, 2003

Am about to burst to share my good fortune!
June 9 2003 at 9:01 AM
Dan Fogelberg
Ever On Group
Have yet to read the other posts and reviews...we just returned from our vacation on Hilton Head Island.

God smiled on me while I was there. On the afternooon of the concert, I watched/heard Dan's sound check! I am not kidding! Had biked by the stage earlier with my daughter and saw things being set up. It rained in the afternoon, so we hung around the condo (which was just across the street from the concert venue). I stepped outside and heard Dan singing "Part of the Plan"----ran back to the doorway and yelled to my family that Dan was singing then took off at lightening speed! Told my hubby I beat any and all records set for the 50 yard dash! It was raining softly as I stood in complete awe and joy watching as he sang the rest of my favorite song. I cannot explain the emotions that swept through me....I truelly felt that God was blessing me at that moment. My family joined me (hubby with a camera---I do love that man) and we sat in the rain for 2 more songs. We left then because it seemed they were done and were just talking---didn't want to be asked to leave either. We had our own private mini concert...Magic Every Moment....

The show that evening was unusual because the set list was so changed from other years. There was too much talking in the audience since it was an outdoor venue with tables set up on the court. Dan joked through the evening about Bingo and called out numbers. The rain held off for the show luckily. Glad we made this trip.

I have now seen Dan seven times in seven different states. But, nothing comes close to standing in the stands, rain coming down, watching Dan sing "Part of the Plan" me.

P.S. I have not peeked in lately bcause I also just returned from my Nashville trip with my girlfriend. Not only did we see James Taylor and a great line-up at the Grand Ole Opry, we also saw the EAGLES live! My ears have been in heaven for the past few weeks!