Humphrey's By The Bay
San Diego, California
Tuesday, July 1, 2003

What word describes this concert best ? Nothing! Nothing can describe how great it was but I'll give it a try. The weather? Perfect! Why the heck do I live in this heat of Mesa, Arizona instead of moving to beautiful San Diego? Well, my children live here... ...maybe I should talk their Mother in to moving there... ...then I would have to move there so I could be close to them.

I took my guitar in with me so I could try to get it signed by the band but I was unable to get it backstage. I didn't even try to take my camera in. The Camera Gestapo were in full force and my wranglers were too tight to hide it in them. Maybe I should have put it inside the guitar.

The show opened up with female folk singer Deirdre Flint.

She played acoustic guitar and sang some REALLY funny songs like "Cheerleader", "1-900-Score-A-Date", "Food" and "The Boob Fairy". But she also sang some touching songs such as "Grandma's House". Click on those underlined songs to read the lyrics.  She asked for a volunteer male from the audience to accompany her on "1-900-Score-A-Date" and Dennis did a fine job. Way to go Dennis!!! I went and talked with her after she played and am going to build a page for her at Ever On like I did for CiCi Porter.   Until I get the pages created visit her web site at

During the break I went and bought a 2003 tour t-shirt and a mug. I must be destined to not own a mug. I bought one at the 2000 concert at Humphrey's but it disappeared when I got divorced???? And this one made it back to the hotel parking lot before it did a triple gainer with a 3/4 twist which turned it into a plastic bag making sounds similar to wind chimes. Time to buy some Elmer's Glue. Or if someone wants to buy me one and mail it to me I will pay for the mug and shipping.

~ Got Glue? ~

I knew that Yvonne and Jeff were going to be there and where they were going to be sitting. FRONT ROW CENTER! I wnet up and Yvonne had headed elsewhere for a bit but Jeff was there and Yvonne returned shortly. This couple is the nicest folks a person could meet and I'm glad we found each other this time. Last year at The Grove in Anaheim (Which they supplied the two tickets for Sandi and I to attend) we missed each other. Well, this time was different... ...we hugged, we talked, hugged some more and then I went back to my seat.

Finally, "Ladies and Gentlman, Please Welcome Dan Fogelberg". I hurried back to my seat asa they opened with "Part Of The Plan". Let me tell you... ...they started off sounding great and only got better... ...and the sound system was excellent. No problems of any kind during the entire show. And they all sang like they were on tour for the first time and excited to be playing for the people and being musicians.

Next up came Dan moved to the piano and they played "Heart Hotels". Robert McEntee jammed on the electric guitar most excellently. Next was "Hard To Say" with those words so true... ...It's hard to walk away from love, it may never come again. After this song finished and the crowd quit clapping I yelled out "Never Stop Playing!". Dan laughed and smiled then said "There's a curfew. Otherwise we'd be right there with you."

Dan said "This next song is from 19 something" which brought laughter from the crowd. The band then played a great intro and I tried to figure out what it was going to be because the intro lended no clues... ...I guessed that it would be "Crow" and I was right. Man did Dan ever do a great job singing and playing this song.

Knowing Dan doesn't take requests I didn't yell up the normal song names that some might request. Instead, trying to be humorous, I yelled up "Mozart". Dan looked puzzled and said "Lothar? Lothar and the hand people?" I have no idea what he was talking about... ...anybody have a clue.

Dan next talked about the CD "Full Circle" and playing stuff like he did in the 70's and 80's and said they were going to play the title track "Full Circle" written by the late, great Gene Clark of The Byrds. This ONE of my favorites off the CD and I loved it live. The next song was also off of the "Full Circle" CD - "Reach Haven Postcard"

Another rare intro lead us into "Run For The Roses" where the harmonizing on the chorus was outstanding. Then my favorite waltz and the song I had always sung as "It's May and it's Autumn..." not even thinking that that would be impossible... ...finally I was pointed out the error in my ways and I repented so I could sing "The Reach" properly.

Dan then said the band was going to take a break, "The Chair" would be brought out and he would play some solo acoustic stuff. The crowd was really into this concert and there was much cheering and applause.

Dan came back out and seated himself in "The Chair" and played "Make Love Stay". I love the guitar work on this song and always wanted to learn it but I had no sheet music for it and could not figure it out myself. I thank my Brother Monte for is talent in figuring out songs by ear and teaching this song to me. So, someone tell me... do we make love stay?

Dan next said he was going to play a song that he and Tim Weisberg did on "Twin Sons Of Different Mothers" - "Lazy Susan". Such a sweet instrumental. I've often wondered if when he wrote this that he had no name for it and maybe just walked through the kitchen and spied a Lazy Susan on the countertop and decided to call it by that name?????

The next two songs were from "The Innocent Age" double LP - "Leader Of The Band". and "Same Old Lang Syne. Both were sung as if they were brand new and being showcased for the first time by a proud musician.

Dan left the stage and said he'd be back with the band in a bit and there was much more applause and cheering which continued until they returned. Dan introduced the band members and then they played part of the theme song for the TV show "Green Acres" which brought laughter and applause from the audience.

Now you want to talk about some down right great jammin' rock-n-roll... ...well this was the time for it and it was GREAT. They started out with "Missing You". Next was "As The Raven Flies" to which they played a great extended jamming ending. "Power Of Gold" ripped of true rock-n-roll. Then the encore I was hoping for... ..."There's A Place In The World For A Gambler" and Dan requested that we sing on each chorus instead of just the last one... we did... ......and he sees... ...set it free... ...and LET IT SHINE. There were several empty chairs behind me so I had moved to them for this song so I could play my guitar along with it. I played quiet enough to not disturb others but just enough to have fun.

And then they were gone... ...I tried to get around back to try and have my guitar signed but most of the band had left directly from the stage to the road and so I got no signatures. Yvonne and Jeff came walking up so I started to play a song but the Curfew Police came down the sidewalk and read me my rights... ...I had the right to remain silent and leave. So I said goodbye to them and headed for club next door where a local band called Rockola was going to be playing. They played all kinds of hits from the 70's covering bands such as The Doors, The Guess Who and Creedance Clearwater Revival to name a few. 

I then headed back to the hotel where I stayed awake for another couple hours playing guitar. Then to sleep, awakened way to soon by the wake up call and back on the road to home sweet home. Only one thing wrong with the entire ordeal... ...Sandi was not able to make the trip with me. I missed you Sandi and all I could think was "I wish you were here." I didn't even go to the beaches because it just would cause me to miss you more.

Another concert come and gone and I agree with Rick when he said "I believe he's (Dan) always done his part in putting out the music he's created, as close to the studio version as possible while with a band, or added more to the song. I've never heard a song that he took something away from unless he was solo-acoustic, and that's obviously understandable." My thoughts are that even solo-acoustic he always makes it special with new intros, endings or riffs in the middle.

Dan and the rest of the band... ...thank you for being so good at what you do and bringing it to us across this beautiful country known as America ~ The Land Of The Free.

Dan and Jean, congratulations on your marriage... ...may the fires burn eternal as the songs Dan has shared with us does so sweetly in my soul.

Brett M. Smith c]:{

~ My Notes ~ 
Can't Believe They Came Out So Well Writing In The Dark

Like ShelleyJ I was puzzled over that Lothar reference and just went looking. There was a psychedelic group from the 1960's called Lothar And The Hand People. (The lothar is an instrument they used it seems - it's the same one that gives the Beach Boys the vibrations on "Good Vibrations".) I don't know what that would have to do with Mozart - unless maybe Dan didn't hear the name Mozart clearly and thought he heard you calling out for him to play the lothar?


Thanks Freesia ~ I found their web site. 

Brett c]:{

Lothar And The Hand People ~ Photo By Alice ~ 1966

Brett, I can't believe that we actually managed to find each other this time! I am sorry that we didn't get to meet Sandi, but there is always next years' tour. It was a perfect weather night for a wonderful musical event. It never ceases to amaze me at the amount of musical ability that Dan, let alone the ability to convey his thoughts and emotions into song. I honestly can't recall another single artist that I've attended live that could have performed so flawlessly. Instead of his abilities declining with age (as with most of mine), he seems to attain an even higher level of technical and aesthetic display with each touring year. As I looked around and realized that yes, despite my inability to actually accept that my age is increasing, not decreasing, with each birthday, that yes, we've all enjoyed this man's musical talents for over 30 years! (Ok-not me because I'm wayyy too young-oops-delusion outtake) I can think of only a couple of things I could do everyday for 30 years, and neither involves as much as a tenth of the effort and work this man must put into his craft! I know why I'm not a musician, I'm way to lazy to be able to attain that level of commitment.

So, It was a lovely moderate-temped San Diego night, the music superb, the guitar pickin' out of this world, and the company lovely! I'm sorry Brett that we didn't get to join you in the Lounge, but my children came with us and we had to go and untie the babysitter! It was great to get to meet you, and I know we will meet up again on the next tour!

Take care-
-y :0)