Kavli Theatre
Thousand Oaks, California
Wednesday, July 2, 2003

OK, I'm not great at explaining things on a musical level to others, but let me start out by saying if Dan grabbed one of my guitars and poured powder all over it, I'd have to kick his, OK, well, I used to do that too, but not having a guitar tech to change my strings, I quit the baby powder (string ruining) ordeal years ago. I say let it screech, but he's doing this whole "it's my job thing."

Should Dan read this, I gotta tell him, and the band, MAN YOU GUYS WERE GREAT IN THOUSAND (I don't believe there are a 1000 oaks there either Dan, never have) OAKS! Absolutely, hands down, the best damn concert he's given in the 22 year period I've witnessed concerts in California with a band. You know, I read with saddened heart how some people thought Part of the Plan being the first song of the show, wasn't his strongest or best vocal song on this tour. When Dan and the band ripped this song out, Dan was so dead on it was like I was hearing the best Band version of the song I'd ever heard. It was so good, (and many artists get to a point vocally where they can't perform a song any longer because it's gotten out of their personal range) I wish every fan could have heard him do it in Thousand Oaks. Here's the damper (Gather your Stones and warm up the pitching arm!) but Full Circle didn't do a darn thing for me, live or on the CD. It's not that he didn't sing it well, because he did, I just don't get the vibe I got from that one hit off of High Country Snow, and I frankly don't think Full Circle is good enough to even make that CD....Ducking, Dodging, and seeking my old Catchers Mask!) But hey, he's the boss, he can do what he wants..lol. Dan was flawless, all night, I didn't care much for the newest version of his trio off of Innocent Age, but I gotta tell you, I can't recall Crow ever being played as well as they played it this night people, it was worth twice the price of my ticket just to hear that song alone. You have been holding out on us Wild Man Dan! It's been too long since I've witnessed Dan in this kind of form on stage. I could get picky and tell Dan his volume was too low on his Strat, (it was most obvious when Robert and him were doing dueling leads) but most important was overall the sound quality was very close to perfect other than the Strat volume. His piano was beautifully set up, it sounded so amazing! Botts was so great tonight too! He was beating' them skins like he was heavyweight champ of the world! Every one of these guys gave such a great show, they deserve everyone's praise on this tour. Coming together and getting as tight as these guys were tonight is something some bands that actually make money could never hope to accomplish. Something wonderful clicks with these guys when they hit the stage, and regardless of what they are getting paid, you can see in their attitude on the stage that they were into their performance. Maybe it was because it's close to home for some of the guys, and they had friends out in the audience or something, I don't know, they were simply put, amazing. The Electric set was the absolute best I've seen since the Peoria Civic Center show I rant and rave about all the time where he played Forefathers for the first time with his Grandmother, Mom, and family there to watch it in the Arena, not the theater. I know T.B.S. of Eagles fame is a great bassist, but I gotta tell you, even with Tim on bass, Fogelberg hasn't put on a rock set like this in years! Well Done Dan! I would love to see Eric Clapton get on stage with Dan in a little club somewhere, I'd pay a good price to see that show. Dan knew it had been awhile since he'd been in Thousand Oaks and asked us how long it had been, and I didn't want to scream it out, and take anything away from Dan, he had a good time, and he said it sounded good in the venue to him, and let me tell it like it is...HE DID. I second Brett in thanking Dan, and The Band, and a great crew that ran through the night flawlessly for the group. You guys still do it with class, with a wonderful camera person, sharing great tour moments, and for those in the production of this summer concert series that gave we fans (a gift that we can keep in the memory banks for a long time to come) a great THANK YOU is very much deserved!! From the booking agent to the guy standing out there being ever so personable to each and every Dan fan wanting a shirt or coffee cup or key chain, You people helped create memories and I know Dan must really be proud of the great job you have done for Full Circle, Thanks each and every one of you!

Another Amazed Dan Fan, (just when you thought it couldn't get any better, he up and brings us back to reality!)