Westbury Music Fair
Westbury, NY
Tuesday, June 10, 2003

(or, isn't it a long way home....)

June 11 2003 at 6:08 AM
Dan Fogelberg ~ Ever On Group
Good morning all! This show rocked ! I am so sorry my husband couldn't make it to this one, but this was a great show, and I am happy to have had the chance to partake of the music once again. (I may have to drag out my dictionary, to find a few new superlatives to use.)

The set list seems to be like Raleigh's. Dan had the audience from the opening of "Part of the Plan", until the last of "Gambler"- yes, we got our audience participation groove going, just like all you fans down south and out west normally get to! I have not heard this in my part of the country in a while.

This was as about as warm and friendly a crowd that one can find in the NY -NJ metro area, and from what I could see and hear prior to the show (I could not help overhearing the folks behind me- nice to know I am not the only person who still calls them 'albums') this was a serious crowd of many long term fans. Plus, some old fans who brought friends, to bring a few more converts into the fold. Surprisingly, for what was a fairly vocal group of people, there was not the usual continuous request for particular favorite songs, nor the chorus of female fans "We love you, Dan".

So, "Part of the Plan"- played nice and brisk- just the way I like it. It had a little more drive to it than it did at the AC show.
(Any typos today will be attributed to one of my cats, who just took a stroll over the keyboard).

The band sounded good. I still find it a little weird with the Westbury theater in the round set-up, for as the stage is turning, and reaches the point where the drums (which were great drums BTW) are between you and Dan, temporarily blocking the guitar or piano, the balance of the music seems a bit odd. (Westbury also needs better air conditioning, and signs on the road, though perhaps this is just an issue for someone not from the area- more on that later).

"Heart Hotels" was strong as well, though there was a slight problem with some feedback toward the end.

Before playing "Crow"-
DF- (brief discussion with the audience about the 70's, and the music of the era)
"You liked the 70's? We're going to be there again. soon!"

Though, some of us a little sooner than others. But, if all is right with the world, we will all still be going to Dan's concerts, even at that slightly more advanced age.

Before playing "Full Circle"-
DF- "This is from the new CD..."

Audience- "I bought it already".

DF-"What did you pay?"

Audience- couldn't hear the exact amount quoted by the person, but-

DF-"I can get 'em way cheaper".

Continued with the set, as per Raleigh-"Reach Haven Postcard", "Run for the Roses", "The Reach"- sorry if I have placed anything out of order, but I found myself with neither pen nor paper for note taking.

"Leader of the Band" turned out to be a crowd pleaser- this resulted in a standing ovation mid-show. Even "...Lang Syne", which I have heard numerous times over the years, touched a chord in me- brought me a flood of memories from my first love, (you know, the one you only still see at weddings and funerals, since you are separated by the whole continent).

There was no intermission, which worked just fine for me, though I was glad I had carefully paced my beverage intake for the evening.

During the solo set, Dan himself asked the audience to refrain from flash photography, at which point I am asking myself "So, I just should have brought in my camera, with the nice fast film, and shot away? Damn!!!!" But, as I have said in a previous post, I always get checked for something- security searched my bag on the way in anyway- I guess I just looked like I was up to something, with my shades still on from the drive, There was also a remark from Dan about not wanting the camera flashes to trigger flashbacks, to the amusement of the crowd.

Dan's vocals remained strong and consistent for the duration, which is a good thing, as the band was really playing hard on the last set. "Missing You", "Raven", "Blow Wind, Blow", and "The Power of Gold".

Encore- "Gambler"- I do not often take my singing voice out in public- this usually only occurs in piano bars, where nobody will notice, but this was fun. (Followed this up by singing with Bonnie Raitt on the ride home- today my voice sounds a bit like Leon Redbone- herbal tea brewing for me right now!).

So, today I am again a satisfied fan!

And, glad to be home. I would rather drive solo cross-country, as long as I have music, than drive in Manhattan or Long Island. Nevertheless, I made it back to NJ to work, in 90 minutes. But, unlike concert minutes, which rush by, these were the gruesomely long minutes of being where you just really do not need to be. Took a wrong turn out of the parking lot- realized right away, and went back the correct way.

I need a navigator when I drive at night. Trying to read my trusty directions while driving, I take a wrong turn, or exit, in midtown NY. This added a good 20 minutes to my quest for the Lincoln Tunnel. I mistakenly thought all was cool when I was on the turnpike, but when I exited, I found myself on the wrong side of the divider in the road, and was NOT going to be on my sought after Rt,78, but flung into the bowels of my beloved hometown, Newark. Not in a spot we tell tourists about. I just couldn't pick up a sign to get me back to one of the highways, so I prayed and drove cautiously through 5 miles of wacky city streets- people all over, regardless of the time of night. (Laura, you would not have been happy with this situation at all!)

At one point, I actually passed the street in a neighboring town where my Dad's folks had lived- had I not seen the street sign I never would have recognized the deterioration of the neighborhood.

So, I guess my successful arrival at work last night is the end of my spring season of concert going. If the tour is still to arrive by you, have a great time! I sure did.


Photo from Vevay, Indiana
Belterra Casino 2002