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(Live From The Fox Theatre - St. Louis)

Your live CD and video "Greetings From The West" seemed very successful from an artistic point of view, were you happy with the way it turned out?

DF: Absolutely, especially when you consider that it was taken from only one show, and most bands record ten shows to make a live record or video. That record and that video was us, that was a damn good band. That band was the best band I ever had for my music, and when we got to New York I thought it was time to put together a live album or video , even though I had never wanted to before. I was prepared to beg to have Epic let me make this document, but fortunately they were already convinced after seeing the show at the Beacon theater. We only had one more indoor show on the schedule at the Fox theater in a week, so we had a very hectic week preparing for that show. The day of the concert was the craziest day of my life , and the day I am most proud of , and my dad would have been most proud of me, because I was producing a record, starring in a video , and managing this whole insane day with the buck stopping with me for all decisions! Jim Shea (the director) who comes from a cinematic point of view gave us a great look. We put it on film , and used eight cameras so it would look like a film , and not a concert or video tape. The thing I am most proud of though is that it really was a live performance, we didnít go back in and redo the whole bloody thing, I was really proud of the band.

From 1997 Interview by James Jensen

Disc One
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Aurora Nova		
Mp3 Instrumental
The Wild Places		
Mp3 Lyrics
Heart Hotels		
Mp3 Lyrics
Over And Over		
Mp3 Lyrics
Rhythm of the Rain	
The Spirit Trail	
Make Love Stay		
Mp3 Lyrics
Old Tennessee		
Mp3 Lyrics
Road Beneath My Wheels	
A Cry in the Forest		
Run for the Roses		
Believe in Me		
Leader of the Band	
Mp3 Lyrics
Disc Two
Twins Theme		
Mp3 Instrumental
Mp3 Instrumental
The Power Of Gold		
Mp3 Lyrics
Lonely In Love		
Mp3 Lyrics
Missing You		
Mp3 Lyrics
The Language Of Love		
Mp3 Lyrics
Part Of The Plan		
Mp3 Lyrics
Same Old Lang Syne		
There's a Place in the World for a Gambler
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