Hickory Grove

This song is on Dan Fogelberg's "Home Free" album released in 1972-I have this CD
Dan Fogelberg vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic piano, organ, Moog synthesizer
Kenneth A. Buttrey drums, percussion
Farrell Morris percussion, vibraphone
Weldon Myrick dobro, pedal steel guitar
Bill Pursell string arrangements
Norbert Putnam bass guitar, cello
Buddy Spicher fiddle, viola
Cover Portrait Dan Fogelberg

Hickory Grove, wait for me
I'm just as poor as a man can be
Hickory Grove, wait for me
I'm just as blind as the other men that see

Hickory Grove, make the sun rise slower
I don't have much time
Hickory Grove, watch me run
Down through the years of my prime

Lady Luck, play your hand
I've got a life for you to play with
Hickory Grove, you will stand
I've got a dream that I can stay with

~~~ Dan Fogelberg ~~~