I wanted to commend you on such a thoughtful way of sharing your insight on this album by Dan Fogelberg.  My arrival in this world came a bit later, and denied me a timely experience with the music of this very talented artist.
Recently a special someone spoke to me of the significance this album had in his life.   I went online to see if the feeling was shared by others.  It was, and is clearly evident with the homage paid to it in your website. Very well put and comprehensive in every respect, I again commend you on your efforts.  You have provided a connection, one of many, which truly reflect the capabilities of the Internet and how it has the power to bring the world together.
I hope you don't mind that I've taken the liberty to elaborate a bit further on your introductory narration.  You may use it if you like, and no credits are necessary.  This site is well deserved to Dan and to the beautiful music he has so eloquently shared with us.


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Nether Lands

While continuing to grow as an artist, Fogelberg extended himself even further on this fourth album. Somewhat of a concept album, replete with orchestration and carrying an underlying theme throughout, it has the feel of a long, unified musical suite.  Powerful, moving and emotionally charged, it firmly established Fogelberg as a major artist, one whose creative reach was seemingly boundless.  Delivered at the height of the California rock explosion, this album merged rock, pop, country, folk and classical music genres in a fully cohesive effort.  Clearly, some songs can stand entirely on their own, yet the album begs to be listened to as a complete work.
Fogelberg ambitiously stretched himself to new heights, not only with histhought-provoking lyrics and enchanting vocal ability, but also with his brilliant turns on various instruments.  All this in an album, which Dan himself produced.  Netherlands is a time capsule of sorts, capturing the
essence and free-spiritedness of the 70's.  The depth and reach surpassed that of many other musicians of the time, and most importantly, still resonates many years later.


Nether Lands
MP3 Lyrics
Once upon a Time
MP3 Lyrics
Dancing Shoes
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Lessons Learned
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Loose Ends
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Love Gone By
Promises Made
Give Me Some Time
Scarecrow's Dream
False Faces

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