This is what Dan Fogelberg has said about this song
"I donít know where that came from.
I think that was just a college drug haze, because it doesnít make much sense.
Itís this really weird thing about a vampire; a dead woman.
I used to ask the audience what they thought this song was about and nobody knew.
(Laughs) Wysteria is dead, itís a ghost. And this guyís still hung up on this ghost.
Listen to it in that context (laughs). Itís a weird song.
I think I remember lying in a hallway of some dumpy house I lived in in college and this thing came out.
And I didnít even know what the name ďWysteriaĒ meant.
I was at a head shop and I saw a candle or some incense called Wysteria, and I thought it was a great word (laughs)."

This song is on Dan Fogelberg's 1972 album "Home Free" - I have this CD

Wysteria, did you change your face again
Those of us who loved you when can't even find you

Wysteria, did you lose another man
Did you make him understand that he can't touch you

Wysteria, did he take you to the fair
Were the folks that you met there the same that we met

Wysteria, did he teach you how to dance
Did he bring you paper fans to hide your secret

Was he just like all the rest when he got to the sad part
Did he stay a bit too long to save his heart

Wysteria, are your lips still lily white
Do they still bloom just at night and die at sunrise

~~~ Dan Fogelberg ~~~